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More Sarah Palin And The Media

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/03

CNN asked Ed Morrissey of Hot Air to write an article for them. And he did. But while CNN ran it, it wasn’t exactly the article CNN asked for.

The media turned Palin’s bus tour into a celebrity chase, instead of covering it as a political event. As a political event, Palin’s travelogues show that it’s been pretty low-key. She has not made grand speeches or committed to a campaign, but instead is using the tour to raise political action committee funds — in the same way other announced and unannounced candidates have done for months, with little or no comparable national media coverage.

So why does Palin rate such a press gaggle and make headlines for her tour? Palin generates ratings and page views; she sells advertising. She puts money in the pockets of media outlets. And her bus tour has exposed the media’s craving for all things Palin, even while they treat her as a fringe character in American politics. The bus tour puts that paradox on display for all to see.

Mr Morrissey continues on to say “In fact, Palin could conceivably do more to influence the election as a kingmaker on the outside, especially with the power of her PAC, than a primary candidate on the inside.” Here’s where I will disagree. A kingmaker is a puppet master. A “made” king answers to the kingmaker. And that’s George Soros, not Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is not the good version of the evil George Soros — the man who is working to take down the US and create a godless, socialist one-world government. Yes, SarahCuda will indeed have a major, MAJOR, impact on US elections in 2012 whether she runs or not (and as far as I’m concerned, Mama Grizzly is indeed going to run), because she articulates the position of a huge amount of the “Average Joe’s” positions and she is very clear in her stated goal for the direction of this nation: back to when this nation was its greatest, back to the vision of our Founders and Framers. And the Left and the Ruling Class Republicans cannot let that message ring out. They run the joint, they know better than you or me, they know we need someone to lead us around by the nose. But she has a servant’s heart and not a master’s heart, and therein lies the difference between a Godly activist leader and a kingmaker, and the difference between a God-fearing, well-grounded woman of the people and the Ruling Class.

Morrissey appends his Hot Air article with a Byron York article discussing another area the lamestream media is missing the boat on Sarah Palin.

One thing many viewers have probably missed in all the horse-race speculation is that Palin is perfectly willing to discuss her positions on key issues, if anyone wants to ask. In fact, in recent days, weeks, and months, we’ve seen a lot of policy commentary from the former Alaska governor.

For example, during the bus trip, Palin took a stand on an issue that is crucial for candidates considering a run in the Iowa caucuses. “I think that all of our energy subsidies need to be re-looked at today and eliminated,” Palin told RealClearPolitics. “We’ve got to allow the free market to dictate what’s most efficient and economical for our nation’s economy.”

SarahCuda has been talking issues and policy from the get-go; it’s just not covered in the mainstream media because giving it proper coverage would defeat Teh Narrative. What is the narrative? The narrative is that Sarah Palin isn’t all that bright (Ronald Reagan, the amiable dunce), doesn’t know the issues, has no grounding in policy, isn’t schooled, has no experience, is gaffe-tastic (party like it’s 1773). And it isn’t just the Liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) pushing Teh Narrative; it’s the Republican Aristocracy. Charles Krauthammer telling SarahCuda to leave the room (while the men talk about substantive issues), saying she isn’t “schooled,” saying she’s not a serious candidate, saying it’s not “her turn.”

Sarah Palin knows the issues, talks the issues, talks foreign policy, domestic policy, fiscal policy, health care policy, social policy. She speaks with historical accuracy (party like it’s 1773), geographical accuracy (you can see Russia from Alaska). She understands economics far better than any Big Government Keynesian ever will. She understands the harm of over-regulation, to our freedom as the Founders and Framers envisioned and to our economic survival. She has taken on corrupt and criminal Democrats and Republicans alike, many of whom are in prison as a result. And she handles herself very well with hard-hitting media interviews. And she has already proven — in Alaska and nationally — that she can take over a debate and come out of it as if she were the only one there. But that’s not what the lamestream media (who are in the pockets of Democrats and George Soros) or the RCRs want people to know, with their attempts at “gotcha” questioning, “jot and tittle” orgasmic rectal examination, cover-up of her statements to claim she doesn’t know anything.

If the public actually got to know who Sarah Palin is and what Sarah Palin understands and what Sarah Palin stands for, Teh Narrative would die. And so would the Leftist, the Ruling Class, the Media agenda.

UPDATE: Tina Korbe and Mark Levin weigh in.

Talk radio host Mark Levin added to a growing chorus against Charles Krauthammer yesterday, saying he’s “sick and tired” of the pundit’s smears against Palin.

Levin took issue with much of the common criticisms of Palin, particularly those concerning whether or not she can win the 2012 election and how she left her governorship post early, which is normal for presidential candidates, Levin says.

“So what is it? What’s the problem?” he said. “She’s solid on social issues. She’s solid on fiscal issues. She’s solid against these subsidies against big companies – in other words, she is not a corporatist. She’s not a crony or a believer in that. She’s solid on taxes and spending. I’m just confused. She’s solid on Israel. She’s solid on the military. She’s solid with respect to our allies. Is there some big issue that’s disqualifying? What – because the liberals don’t like her? …

“I’m getting sick and tired, as I said yesterday, last week and I’ve said over the months – I’m getting sick and tired of these smears by Krauthammer against her,” Levin said. “He’s a thoroughly decent man, I understand, but he doesn’t seem very decent in this regard and I don’t know why. He’s certainly owes us a column or a better explanation, doesn’t he? He wants to influence the outcome.”

UPDATE: Kimberly Strassel weighs in with her revisionist foolishness (via Hot Air Headlines).

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty—all have already been through the wringer, and at the hands of conservatives focused on obtaining a competent nominee. If Mrs. Palin wants the most powerful job on the planet, she shouldn’t be averse to the same critical questioning…

Whatever you think of Mr. Romney’s health-care plan, at least he’s got one. Mr. Gingrich may not be brave on Medicare reform, but he’s willing to get into specifics. What is Mrs. Palin’s position on Social Security? What’s her idea of corporate tax reform? How would she handle Pakistan? Good leaders inspire, but they also perspire over the painful nitty-gritty of policy. If Mrs. Palin gets in, she starts from way behind.

Kimberly, seriously, why don’t you actually do something like journalist research? I mean it’d only take a few minutes of your time to answer your own questions. But that isn’t what you’re about, is it? Sarah Palin has already answered your questions… and before you asked them.

I have issues with Sarah Palin’s Tenther position in some aspects, according to the colloquial definition of the term. There are issues Sarah Palin definitely describes as wrong but will leave it up to the states to decide if they want to be wrong or right. That’s the colloquial version of Tentherism. Granted, Palin said even states shouldn’t be regulating like they do, but Palin still leaves too much in the hands of states to steal from We the People when We the People should be foremost and states a distant second (with the Feds being a rare afterthought).

But that’s not what Kimberly Strassel is talking about. She’s talking about “what is Sarah’s position and plan on issues where Sarah clearly stated her position and plan on issues that I won’t tell you about, much less look up myself?” Good luck with that, Kimberly. The dead-tree media just doesn’t have the sway it used to. Sarah Palin already destroyed your concern trolling before you tried your concern trolling. And Sarah is the ultimate “retail” campaigner. The Talking Points (Memo) approach to misinformation is falling apart with the “unwashed masses” who actually vote.

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Palin Remembers Jerusalem

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/02

That’s John Hinderaker’s title over at Power Line (click over for a photo of Palin wearing her necklace). On Sarah Palin’s One Nation Bus Tour, she visited Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, proudly displaying a Star of David Pendant on her necklace.

NBC New York asked Palin about the significance just as she board her bus outside Fox Newschannel to head off to Boston. “Today is the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem being reunited,” she said. “We want to call attention to that.”

As John Hinderaker noted:

In fact, if you have followed Palin’s career, you know that she displayed an Israeli flag in her office when she was Governor of Alaska, before she became a figure on the national scene. This, to me, exemplifies the most striking thing about Sarah Palin: she is not as articulate as one would like, but her instincts about large matters of policy, and about right and wrong, are remarkably good.

The contrast between SarahCuda and Barack Obama cannot be any more stark and the choice between the two any more clear. As Barack Obama is trying to pull a Chamberlain-Sudetenland style deal with the Arabs, making Isreal undefendable against overwhelming foes whose sole intent is to see Israel destroyed and the Jews annihilated, surrendering Old Jerusalem without a fight in the process, Sarah Palin remembers and celebrates the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem’s unification.

In a day and age when so many Americans complain about the Republicrat party, there being essentially no difference between the two machines, Sarah Palin gives a clear option, a clearly different position than the Democrats and the Central Power Republicans on an ever widening array of issues. It is truly getting to the point where you can have Democrat or Democrat Lite — or Sarah Palin.

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Plain Passe Palin Plays Paparazzi Press

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/01

The meme is Sarah Palin is irrelevant.
The meme is Sarah Palin is an unserious candidate.
The meme is Sarah Palin is a media hound and drama queen.
The meme is Sarah Palin can’t handle anything difficult.
The meme is Sarah Palin is stupid.
The meme is Sarah Palin needs to play to the press.
The meme is Sarah Palin needs the Ruling Class Republican machine in order to accomplish anything.
The meme is Sarah Palin can’t tell the difference between paparazzi and “real” media.

I have to ask, what is the difference between paparazzi and “real” media? The New York Times makes up a story about John McCain and an aide while covering up a story about John Kerry and an aide, and the National Enquirer breaks the real story about John Kerry and his aide. CBS’s 60 Minutes and Dan Rather with their bogus “documentation” on George W Bush is “real” media? Again, is there any difference between paparazzi and “real” media? Seriously?

Sarah Palin used her twitter account and Face Book page to dramatically impact the ObamaCare debate and a great many other issues, including having a major impact on the 2010 elections, bypassing the lamestream media. Sounds pretty savvy to me. SarahCuda has gone on many speaking engagements, discussing policy and the direction of the US, bypassing the lamestream media. The Thrilla from Wasilla has gone to India and Israel, making a big splash without the use of the US media machine or the Country Club Republicans.

Mama Grizzly got her hands dirty in Haiti around very sick and very contagious people. And the Left made false insinuations that she used a hairdresser for photo ops (Bristol fixed her hair) and Sarah *gasp* washed her hands a lot around highly contagious people!! How dare she wash her hands!! Mama Grizzly and family helped clean up in the South after a series of tornadoes devastated the place, actually working alongside regular people.

Sarah Palin told a crowd of TEA Partiers, before the 2010 elections not to “party like it’s 1773” yet, and the idiot press hammered her on it because the lamestream media doesn’t know US history — the Boston Tea Party took place in, you guessed it, 1773.

So, while Palin has been living rent-free in the heads of the Democrats, lamestream media (and I repeat myself), and the RCRs, that was nothing.

There is what may very well be just the beginnings of a crescendo occurring right now.

Sarah Palin announces she’ll be riding with Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day in Washington, DC. The radical Leftist MSNBC grabs a report that a representative of Rolling Thunder is offended and Sarah wasn’t invited and runs with it, without doing any research. “She better not turn it into a political campaign event and detract from Rolling Thunder” goes the leftist blather. It turns out she was indeed invited to ride but not to be a speaker. And she rode. And she wasn’t a speaker.

And the press hounded her, she didn’t go seeking them. And she focused on Rolling Thunder and what they were about instead of pulling a Barack Obama and saying “me, me, me; I, I, I” as he does when he makes appearances. So the lamestream media’s frenzied attacks were a lot of “sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

And the meso-forte marching cadence turns forte and picks up speed noticeably.

Sarah Palin announces a bus tour of Historic sites. And the press goes wild. Palin announces that she’s not announcing any itinerary. And the press goes wild. Shushannah Walshe, who is making a habit of getting things wrong as you’ll see later, wrote over at the Daily Beast (HT Hot Air):

According to a source with knowledge of Palin’s operation and thinking, keep a careful eye on how long the tour lasts, because it is intended as a way to test the presidential waters. If the road trip ends abruptly, it’s a sign she didn’t get the enthusiastic responses she believes she needs to launch a campaign. If the tour heads to regions outside of the Northeast like Iowa and South Carolina that, the source says, is a “big indicator” that Palin will pull the trigger.

There’s those unnamed sources with loose lips again. I wonder how many “insiders” in Palin’s ensemble are actually going to be giving inside information to the press? Right after Walshe’s report came news that the One Nation Bus Tour was indeed going to Iowa at some point. And that whole “testing the waters” thing? Looks like that was a bunch of bunk, as well. And that “if it ends abruptly, it’s a sign she didn’t get enthusiastic responses” bit was all a bunch of wishful thinking on the part of the paparazzi mainstream media, hoping she’d fall flat on her face.

The media started downplaying it from the start, claiming it was just to get her name back in the media (as if SarahCuda’s name had ever left). But Mama Grizzly cut the mainstream media out. There would be no itinerary, no big stage where she’d speechify, no nothing. Where she goes, when she goes, when she arrives, when she leaves would all be hush-hush. “Catch me if you can.”

And the media went wild.

As Ed Morrissey reports:

Of all the complaints about Sarah Palin and her bus tour, this one’s easily the strangest. CBS reports that the media has begun to grumble that Palin’s decision to keep them out of the loop on the tour’s stops have created a dangerous working environment for reporters:

Since Palin and her team won’t share where the potential candidate is headed, reporters and producers have little choice but to simply stay close to Palin’s bus. This has resulted in scenes of the Palin bus tooling down the highway followed by a caravan of 10 or 15 vehicles – including a massive CNN bus – all trying to make sure they don’t lose sight of the Palin bus.

It adds up to a dangerous situation, says CBS News Producer Ryan Corsaro.

“I just hope to God that one of these young producers with a camera whose bosses are making them follow Sarah Palin as a potential Republican candidate don’t get in a car crash, because this is dangerous,” he said.

Corsaro asked a member of Palin’s team if he thought it was dangerous to have reporters forced to chase her from stop to stop. “You’re the ones that are trailing us,” he replied.

Here’s your first option: stop chasing her. If it truly presents a danger to journalists to drive behind the bus and attempt to keep up, then don’t bother doing it.

Sarah Palin would be at fault if a bunch of paparazzi chasing a mammoth bus can’t keep up and cause an accident? The paparazzi at CBS News need to grow up and learn a little personal responsibility for their actions. Here, I’ll let Miley Cyrus help teach them.

Allahpundit provides more fodder in his article “Media wonders: Could Palin be manipulating us?” It’s downright hilarious how frenzied and flustered the “we own the news” media is with Palin’s refusal to give any heads-ups and actual ducking out on the media. Lots of hilarity and links to hilarity there.

And Ms Walshe? SarahCuda is really living rent-free in Walshe’s head. Walshe thinks she catches SarahCuda about to act high society, getting Walshe all stuffy with her nose in the air. “Gotcha,” she said. Except Palin did her own “gotcha” on the press — without even trying.

Sarah Palin met Donald Trump and they got in a limo to go to dinner.

Shushannah Walshe
RT @michaelpfalcone: For those speculating on #Trump #Palin dinner — it’s not Shake Shack or Olive Garden, I’m told
32 minutes ago via UberSocial
replies ↓
CristiOry7995 Cristi Ory
@ @shushwalshe Hey – Cast Your Vote – for or against Olive Garden.

“It’s not Shake Shack or Olive Garden.” For those who don’t know, Olive Garden is the Taco Bell of Italian cuisine. Yup, The Donald and the Cuda in a limo. Definitely not going to some “regular people” restaurant. Gonna be high society tonight.

shushwalshe Shushannah Walshe
Just a family pizza dinner. #palinroadtrip
1 minute ago

Shushannah Walshe | shushwalshe
Palin talking to Melania at Famiglia pizza in Times Sq. #palinroadtrip
05/31/2011 via UberSocial

shushwalshe Shushannah Walshe
Palin at Famiglia in times Sq. I’m serious. I’m serious!
5 minutes ago

OOPS! There went that snobbish “gotcha” moment! The Donald and The Cuda just went to a pizza parlor!

And members of the press do get to ask her questions, while Piper (yes, Piper) runs interference. At one of the Historical sites, Piper was indeed running interference and had a sharp word or two for a rude member of the press or two. It was sweet. But here’s a rendering of one of the conversations Sarah had with the paparazzi lamestream media:

press: Why are you traveling to these Historical sites?

Palin: To draw attention to our history and help families and children learn about the founding of this great nation. Have you ever been here before?

press: No, I haven’t.

Palin: Well, now’s your opportunity to learn.

The whole thing is a circus, a Keystone Kops chase, and all because the media needs Sarah, not the other way round.

And, oh, by the way, the Country Club Ruling Class Republican machine is upset Sarah hasn’t coordinated anything with them on this trip. Sarah’s frustrating all the right people. Sarah’s making them need her. Sarah’s proving she’s no puppet on a string. And all the right people are having fits over it.

As I said, I think this is only the beginnings of a crescendo. More is to come. Pass the popcorn.

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