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Maher: If a Brick Came Through Rupert Murdoch’s Window, Fox News Would Be More Gentle on Wall Street People

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/22

Originally published by Patterico. (Note: WordPress doesn’t like non-YouTube videos for some stupid reason.)

Rachel Maddow responds: Ha ha!

Transcript via NewsBusters:

MADDOW: I was thinking about that as we see Eric Cantor and these other Republican Congressmen denouncing the Occupy Wall Street people as, you know, an angry mob and somehow dangerous to the country. I wonder if a sense of dangerousness is what gives them power.

BILL MAHER: Well, yeah, I think so. I don’t think anyone feels that we’re in a country like so many in the world. Let’s remember we are luckier than most where violence is really going to rule the day and effect policy. But, yeah, people can be intimidated by that kind of thing. I mean, this idea that they’re marching now on millionaires’ homes, I couldn’t help but think of that scene in the Martin Scorsese movie “Gangs of New York” where the riots break out in New York and Martin Scorsese has that cameo where he plays the rich guy. You know, he’s in his Fifth Avenue apartment and a brick comes through the window. Well, you know, if a brick came through Rupert Murdoch’s apartment, yes, I have a feeling Fox News would be a lot more gentle on the Wall Street people.

MADDOW: [Laughs]

Bookmark this for future reference the next time you see crocodile tears cried over violent language such as “targeting” a political opponent.

P.S. Y’all are aware that Neal Rauhauser has a role in this OccupyWallStreet movement, right? And that he is working closely these days with convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin?

OK. Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

Permissions declaration.

If you like what you read and you know Brett Kimberlin’s history, feel free to hit my tip jar found in my sidebar.

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MSNBC Lied, As Usual

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/24

And a CBS reporter did her due diligence.

Sharyl Atkisson, left, and Katy Conrad, right, are two CBS reporters who have dared to seek out the truth, despite their bosses’ desire to push the Liberal agenda.

Everyone who is even remotely aware of the Truth knows that MSNBC is chock full of lies, servicing the radical Leftist agenda. Well, MSNBC lied about the Leftists’ current favorite bogeyman, the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries. Because the radical Left needs a bogeyman, even when they (always) have to lie about said bogeyman. CBS reporter Katy Conrad did her due diligence: she contacted Koch Industries. That makes her an anomaly in the radical Leftist mainstream media. And that makes her a pariah with the Obama administration and the Democrat power-brokers. Just like her CBS colleague, another woman, who is busily unearthing the criminal corruption that has cost hundreds of human lives that is known as Fast and Furious, and is being yelled at and censured as a result of her desire to unearth and report the facts.

In related news, the tax-payer funded and wholly Leftist media organization NPR completely neglected to report that someone feeding it information was very closely tied to a radically Leftist organization. But that’s a “dog bites man” story, since it is SOP for NPR to hide those exculpatory facts.

You want the truth? If you’re a radical Leftist, you can’t handle the truth!

Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) #tcot retweeted this article and linked to this article from his front page. Thank you, RS McCain, for the retweet and link.

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“Crazy” Larry rants again

Posted by Hube on 2011/09/24

MSDNC’s Keith Olbermann replacement, “Crazy” Larry O’Donnell, went on yet another idiotic rant the other night, this time about GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry:

And secondly, the Republican party of the 21st century, if we are to judge by the debate audiences, has obviously lost its soul . . . This Twilight Zone: how can this happen? Here’s their favorite killer, state-sanctioned killer up there. They boo him after he calls them heartless.

Right. So now we’re going to judge the entire GOP by the reactions/utterances of a few idiots at some debates. Boy, this tactic sounds familiar — what was done to the Tea Party! Y’know, I wonder why when a few assorted knuckleheads at Democratic events make a scene that the entire party isn’t so labeled … nah. I don’t wonder why. It’s so pathetically obvious by now, why. Yeesh.

Oh, and Larry — if you’re so concerned about “state-sanctioned killing,” when will you do a semi-coherent rant about liberal states’ abortion policies? If you’re SOOOO concerned about the government getting involved in “killing,” where’s the concern about purely innocent life? Why do so-called “progressives” seem to always reserve their outrage for the executions of heinous killers? Our old friend Perry is a textbook example (surprise!) of this; in comments here and at CSPT he believes he has a consistent “pro-life” view because he “personally” is against abortion and capital punishment. However, when pressed on the issue, he admitted that he “doesn’t have the right” to tell a woman what to do with her body … but he does believe it his duty (right) to lobby state legislatures to abolish the death penalty. The counter to this is, obviously, why does Perry believe he has the right to overturn what a jury and judge(s) have determined through a lengthy judicial process when it comes to a brutal killer … but not to tell a woman she cannot terminate the life of a 100% innocent baby?

It makes not one iota of moral sense. Much like, as you may have recently read, his views on Israel and the Palestinians which are also shared by far too many fellow “progressives.”

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Always Remember MSNBC Is Hypocritical And Radical Leftist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/21

If you ever bother to watch MSNBC, always remember it is a hyper-partisan, radical Leftist faux news channel. Lawrence O’Donnell loudly proclaimed his devotion to socialism on air. Rachel Maddow tried to malign FOX News for allegedly doing the exact same thing MSNBC does with regularity. Martin Bashir tried to malign Sarah Palin for her allegedly political usage of the US Flag, while MSNBC has made much political usage of the US flag.

Always remember. Anytime anyone, anyone at all, references MSNBC as a source, always remember MSNBC is further left than 90 percent of the US, and less honest (more dishonorable) than 90 percent of the US.

Never, under any circumstances, ever take MSNBC as a reliable source for anything. If you do so, you’re either an abject fool, or you’re a radical Leftist abject fool. There is no other option.

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Radical Leftist Hate Group MSNBC Gets Caught Again

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/01

Sarah Palin is driving the lamestream media absolutely bonkers. And they’re looking for any angle they can find to take her down. On this bus tour, beyond what’s reported in the above link, ABC decided to go after “how much is this costing” and Mama Grizzly fired back, powerfully.

When asked, twice, how much her “One Nation Tour” has cost four days into the trip, she got visibly irritated.

“Check,” she said. “I don’t know why in the world you would ask a question like that. I’m just thinking about America and our foundations and our freedoms and our opportunities. Why would you ask something …”

ABC News pointed out that she often talks about the economy and how much money we’re spending.

“What does our economy have to do with how much we’re — I’m not asking you to pay for a penny of this trip,” she said.

MSNBC, that radical left-wing fake media outlet who had to throw out the spittle-flecked radical leftist Keith Olbermann and suspend the spittle-flecked radical leftist misogynist Ed Schultz, overdid it yet again with the spittle-flecked radical leftist Martin Bashir. Because Sarah Palin decided to put a flag on her bus and that’s illegal or something. Watch as Martin Bashir spews his bile and gets caught with his pants down at the same time.

SarahCuda is living rent-free in their heads. By now, she doesn’t even have to try to make them look like hyper-partisan idiots. They do all the work for her.

More popcorn, please.

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Plain Passe Palin Plays Paparazzi Press

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/01

The meme is Sarah Palin is irrelevant.
The meme is Sarah Palin is an unserious candidate.
The meme is Sarah Palin is a media hound and drama queen.
The meme is Sarah Palin can’t handle anything difficult.
The meme is Sarah Palin is stupid.
The meme is Sarah Palin needs to play to the press.
The meme is Sarah Palin needs the Ruling Class Republican machine in order to accomplish anything.
The meme is Sarah Palin can’t tell the difference between paparazzi and “real” media.

I have to ask, what is the difference between paparazzi and “real” media? The New York Times makes up a story about John McCain and an aide while covering up a story about John Kerry and an aide, and the National Enquirer breaks the real story about John Kerry and his aide. CBS’s 60 Minutes and Dan Rather with their bogus “documentation” on George W Bush is “real” media? Again, is there any difference between paparazzi and “real” media? Seriously?

Sarah Palin used her twitter account and Face Book page to dramatically impact the ObamaCare debate and a great many other issues, including having a major impact on the 2010 elections, bypassing the lamestream media. Sounds pretty savvy to me. SarahCuda has gone on many speaking engagements, discussing policy and the direction of the US, bypassing the lamestream media. The Thrilla from Wasilla has gone to India and Israel, making a big splash without the use of the US media machine or the Country Club Republicans.

Mama Grizzly got her hands dirty in Haiti around very sick and very contagious people. And the Left made false insinuations that she used a hairdresser for photo ops (Bristol fixed her hair) and Sarah *gasp* washed her hands a lot around highly contagious people!! How dare she wash her hands!! Mama Grizzly and family helped clean up in the South after a series of tornadoes devastated the place, actually working alongside regular people.

Sarah Palin told a crowd of TEA Partiers, before the 2010 elections not to “party like it’s 1773” yet, and the idiot press hammered her on it because the lamestream media doesn’t know US history — the Boston Tea Party took place in, you guessed it, 1773.

So, while Palin has been living rent-free in the heads of the Democrats, lamestream media (and I repeat myself), and the RCRs, that was nothing.

There is what may very well be just the beginnings of a crescendo occurring right now.

Sarah Palin announces she’ll be riding with Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day in Washington, DC. The radical Leftist MSNBC grabs a report that a representative of Rolling Thunder is offended and Sarah wasn’t invited and runs with it, without doing any research. “She better not turn it into a political campaign event and detract from Rolling Thunder” goes the leftist blather. It turns out she was indeed invited to ride but not to be a speaker. And she rode. And she wasn’t a speaker.

And the press hounded her, she didn’t go seeking them. And she focused on Rolling Thunder and what they were about instead of pulling a Barack Obama and saying “me, me, me; I, I, I” as he does when he makes appearances. So the lamestream media’s frenzied attacks were a lot of “sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

And the meso-forte marching cadence turns forte and picks up speed noticeably.

Sarah Palin announces a bus tour of Historic sites. And the press goes wild. Palin announces that she’s not announcing any itinerary. And the press goes wild. Shushannah Walshe, who is making a habit of getting things wrong as you’ll see later, wrote over at the Daily Beast (HT Hot Air):

According to a source with knowledge of Palin’s operation and thinking, keep a careful eye on how long the tour lasts, because it is intended as a way to test the presidential waters. If the road trip ends abruptly, it’s a sign she didn’t get the enthusiastic responses she believes she needs to launch a campaign. If the tour heads to regions outside of the Northeast like Iowa and South Carolina that, the source says, is a “big indicator” that Palin will pull the trigger.

There’s those unnamed sources with loose lips again. I wonder how many “insiders” in Palin’s ensemble are actually going to be giving inside information to the press? Right after Walshe’s report came news that the One Nation Bus Tour was indeed going to Iowa at some point. And that whole “testing the waters” thing? Looks like that was a bunch of bunk, as well. And that “if it ends abruptly, it’s a sign she didn’t get enthusiastic responses” bit was all a bunch of wishful thinking on the part of the paparazzi mainstream media, hoping she’d fall flat on her face.

The media started downplaying it from the start, claiming it was just to get her name back in the media (as if SarahCuda’s name had ever left). But Mama Grizzly cut the mainstream media out. There would be no itinerary, no big stage where she’d speechify, no nothing. Where she goes, when she goes, when she arrives, when she leaves would all be hush-hush. “Catch me if you can.”

And the media went wild.

As Ed Morrissey reports:

Of all the complaints about Sarah Palin and her bus tour, this one’s easily the strangest. CBS reports that the media has begun to grumble that Palin’s decision to keep them out of the loop on the tour’s stops have created a dangerous working environment for reporters:

Since Palin and her team won’t share where the potential candidate is headed, reporters and producers have little choice but to simply stay close to Palin’s bus. This has resulted in scenes of the Palin bus tooling down the highway followed by a caravan of 10 or 15 vehicles – including a massive CNN bus – all trying to make sure they don’t lose sight of the Palin bus.

It adds up to a dangerous situation, says CBS News Producer Ryan Corsaro.

“I just hope to God that one of these young producers with a camera whose bosses are making them follow Sarah Palin as a potential Republican candidate don’t get in a car crash, because this is dangerous,” he said.

Corsaro asked a member of Palin’s team if he thought it was dangerous to have reporters forced to chase her from stop to stop. “You’re the ones that are trailing us,” he replied.

Here’s your first option: stop chasing her. If it truly presents a danger to journalists to drive behind the bus and attempt to keep up, then don’t bother doing it.

Sarah Palin would be at fault if a bunch of paparazzi chasing a mammoth bus can’t keep up and cause an accident? The paparazzi at CBS News need to grow up and learn a little personal responsibility for their actions. Here, I’ll let Miley Cyrus help teach them.

Allahpundit provides more fodder in his article “Media wonders: Could Palin be manipulating us?” It’s downright hilarious how frenzied and flustered the “we own the news” media is with Palin’s refusal to give any heads-ups and actual ducking out on the media. Lots of hilarity and links to hilarity there.

And Ms Walshe? SarahCuda is really living rent-free in Walshe’s head. Walshe thinks she catches SarahCuda about to act high society, getting Walshe all stuffy with her nose in the air. “Gotcha,” she said. Except Palin did her own “gotcha” on the press — without even trying.

Sarah Palin met Donald Trump and they got in a limo to go to dinner.

Shushannah Walshe
RT @michaelpfalcone: For those speculating on #Trump #Palin dinner — it’s not Shake Shack or Olive Garden, I’m told
32 minutes ago via UberSocial
replies ↓
CristiOry7995 Cristi Ory
@ @shushwalshe Hey – Cast Your Vote – for or against Olive Garden.

“It’s not Shake Shack or Olive Garden.” For those who don’t know, Olive Garden is the Taco Bell of Italian cuisine. Yup, The Donald and the Cuda in a limo. Definitely not going to some “regular people” restaurant. Gonna be high society tonight.

shushwalshe Shushannah Walshe
Just a family pizza dinner. #palinroadtrip
1 minute ago

Shushannah Walshe | shushwalshe
Palin talking to Melania at Famiglia pizza in Times Sq. #palinroadtrip
05/31/2011 via UberSocial

shushwalshe Shushannah Walshe
Palin at Famiglia in times Sq. I’m serious. I’m serious!
5 minutes ago

OOPS! There went that snobbish “gotcha” moment! The Donald and The Cuda just went to a pizza parlor!

And members of the press do get to ask her questions, while Piper (yes, Piper) runs interference. At one of the Historical sites, Piper was indeed running interference and had a sharp word or two for a rude member of the press or two. It was sweet. But here’s a rendering of one of the conversations Sarah had with the paparazzi lamestream media:

press: Why are you traveling to these Historical sites?

Palin: To draw attention to our history and help families and children learn about the founding of this great nation. Have you ever been here before?

press: No, I haven’t.

Palin: Well, now’s your opportunity to learn.

The whole thing is a circus, a Keystone Kops chase, and all because the media needs Sarah, not the other way round.

And, oh, by the way, the Country Club Ruling Class Republican machine is upset Sarah hasn’t coordinated anything with them on this trip. Sarah’s frustrating all the right people. Sarah’s making them need her. Sarah’s proving she’s no puppet on a string. And all the right people are having fits over it.

As I said, I think this is only the beginnings of a crescendo. More is to come. Pass the popcorn.

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