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Is ‘Pro-Life Woman’ Even Possible?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/27

Pennsylvania Legislator Babette Josephs (D - Phila) (click to embiggen, if you dare)

Not according to a Democrat Pennsylvania Legislator from Philadelphia.

‘I don’t believe they’re really women. … I believe they’re men with breasts.’

Baby killer Kermit Gosnell, who did his heinous deeds in Philadelphia, and those like him thank you for all the business you send their way.

Where are all the feminist organizations? Why have they not denounced this Democrat misogynist, and stridently so? Oh, that’s right. The feminist organizations aren’t actually out to support all women or to protect all women from misogynist attacks. They only wish to protect Leftist women from misogynist attacks.

My mother is Pro-Life. My sister is Pro-Life. My daughter is Pro-Life. My cousins, both male and female, both by blood and by marriage, are Pro-Life. In fact, I don’t know a single member of my nuclear or extended family that is pro-abortion. And babs is accusing all the female members of my extended family of being men with boobs. But she gets a pass from the “don’t say bad things about women” crowd because she is a Leftist saying bad things about Conservative women (who don’t really count as women).

When you target a group of people as the source of your woes, then you dehumanize those people, you can kill those people without a pang of guilt, because you have rotted your own brain and propagandized the populace into rotted brains. And when people stand up and rehumanize those you dehumanized, you need to dehumanize the defendants of your victims you had previously dehumanized. And this is exactly what rotted-brained radical Leftists like Babette Josephs are busily doing. They have to dehumanize and de-womanize women who stand up for the Truth: that unborn babies are in actuality humans. Because the radical Left cannot stand for the Truth to be told or to be shown to those who have bought into the pro-abort Lie.

Target a group of people, blame them for holding people down, turn them into non-persons, turn society against them, then exterminate them, all legal-like.

And when people stand up to your evil, Alinskyite, satanic agenda, dehumanize them as well! Just like Babette Josephs is doing to women who refuse to toe the radical Leftist line. But she is not the only radical Leftist woman de-womanizing Conservative women. You remember that Tennessee Democrat who declared you have to lift the skirts of Republican woman voters to prove they’re women (because they don’t vote like women)? If you’re a politically astute Conservative, you absolutely know about that incident. But if you’re a radical Leftist, or if you’re one of millions of uninformed people (that would be ignorant people), chances are you haven’t heard much, if anything, about that. But I’ve covered that incident previously. And on more than one occasion. So has Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Red State, Free Republic, Rush Limbaugh, and many, many others. (About 14,300,000 results in the above-linked search.)

As Tina Korbe in the very first link said,

Make no mistake: Feminism in its present day iteration does not teach us to use our freedom for something other than motherhood or for something in addition to motherhood. We all know women are capable of bearing fruit in a myriad of ways — not just by having children — and that they should not be denied opportunities to contribute to society in ways other than motherhood.

No, feminism seeks to actually take that freedom from us by obscuring the terms of the debate. A woman who does not know reality has no meaningful freedom to speak of because she has only false choices. A woman, for example, who thinks that she can become pregnant without becoming a mother is unable to make a meaningful choice between non-motherhood and motherhood.

Oh women, please don’t buy the lies! Wake up and claim the freedom that is your due!

What’s Babette complaining about? Women sponsored a Bill in the Pennsylvania Legislature that would require abortionists to show women the ultrasound videos of their babies they are planning to kill. And Babette tried to make that demand for information to be proof that these “men with breasts” don’t believe women can make informed decisions! The requirement to provide information the radical Left don’t want provided is proof that those who require that information be presented to women want women to be ignorant! Who, in his or her right mind, can actually claim that requiring information is a demand that people be uninformed? Only radical Leftists would make that claim!

Oh, and for a bit of Rule 5, a commenter on Hot Air provides the ultimate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last Frontier Women Don’t Tolerate #Misogynists

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/24

Full text of Sarah Palin’s FaceBook Post (and if you don’t follow her FaceBook posts, Whatsamattah U?):

by Sarah Palin on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 11:03am ·

Two fellow Alaskan women, Kirsten Powers and Penny Lee, penned a letter to the New York Times calling out misogynist attacks on women in public life.

They included this interesting aside: “Coincidentally we both hail from Alaska — where women are treated as equals — so perhaps our threshold for this kind of behavior is less than here in the Lower 48.”

As an Alaskan woman, I completely agree. Women up here do not tolerate the sexist stereotyping and behavior.

Up here, I’m constantly around commercial fishermen who curse like sailors, oil field workers with hardcore blue collar work ethics, tattooed-up soldiers serving on our military bases, long-haul truck drivers, motorheads, hunters and sport fishermen; and yet I don’t know anyone who talks about women the way these misogynists on TV do with their degrading comments, which includes comments mocking those with special needs.

I grew up hunting, fishing, playing sports, plowing snow, and chopping wood just like the guys. My parents raised my sisters and me to never consider gender an unequal element in anything. (In fact, today is my Dad’s birthday, and I want to give him a shout out because as a science teacher and track coach, he treated all of his students and athletes equally with respect and encouragement.) My daughters have participated on football, hockey, and wrestling teams just like the guys. We even dress like the guys at times (or they, like us) in warm camo hoodies and Carharts. It’s accepted up here because the environment is rugged and real, and our Alaskan elements are a great equalizer.

Women and men are equals in every way in the Last Frontier, and real men are not threatened by strong women. Real men don’t insult women with gross sexist comments meant to demean and objectify them.

These misogynists wouldn’t know how real men behave. I cannot imagine them working on my commercial fishing skiff in Bristol Bay, or driving our trucks to haul gear out to a remote cabin, or fueling up the float plane, or even having a tinge of grease under their fingernails which symbolizes the hard work needed to fuel the nation’s economy. And yet these are all things average Alaskan women do everyday. If these misogynists said one of their disgusting comments up here in person to an “Alaskan chick,” they would have to replace their veneered teeth.

I personally do not seek an apology from these narrow-minded men. With a full family and productive “to-do” list everyday, I just don’t have time for them. But I do feel sorry for them and for their obvious need to compensate for something that’s missing in their own lives, which compels them to belittle others in order to feel big. And I feel sorry for our culture for having to listen to them. America deserves better. I applaud Kirsten and Penny for taking a stand when too many feminists don’t speak up when the attacks are directed at their conservative sisters. And unfortunately too many men, like our president, will only defend certain women, not all women.

– Sarah Palin

(Sarah’s title altered a mite for Twitter purposes.)

I cannot really add any more to that, but to say when you have the Liberal Kirsten Powers and the TEA Party grass-roots Conservative Sarah Palin blasting you, you’re in deep doo-doo. And to add lumber to the funeral pyre, I already linked Bristol Palin’s article blasting the outright misogynist and million-dollar Obama donor Bill Maher.

Kirsten Powers, a Liberal woman, is blasting the misogynistic Liberals for their misogyny (that’s just one of multiple occasions where Powers blasted Liberals), and naming names, but not taking prisoners. Sarah Palin, more highly favored among Republicans than any Republican candidate for President, is blasting the misogynistic Liberals for their misogyny. Bristol Palin, who like her mother was and is a victim of some of the most offensive misogynistic attacks from Liberals, is blasting the misogynistic Liberals for their misogyny.

If Obama were smart (fat chance), he’d demand his Super PAC (you know, that place that allows million-dollar donations, like what Obama basically claimed was evil until he realized he needed them to get re-elected) return that million dollars it received from a radical Leftist misogynist who delved into the worst kind of misogyny to date. But since Obama ain’t all that brilliant, if he does demand that money be returned, it’ll be multiple months late and multiple dollars short (interest accrual, anyone?).

No, the absolute worst misogynists are members of the Democrat Party, hands down. (Or hand’s down, so they can understand what I said.) And that is further proof that the Democrat leadership and the outspoken Liberals are (nearly) all hypocrites. Those like Kirsten Powers (who may yet be turned to the good side and become a dreaded neo-con (do look up the term, Leftists and Paulbots, before you make udder fools of yourselves), aphrael, Jeff, and a great many 2008 Liberals who have become neo-con since are likely all having their eyes opened by the vile spewings of the Liberal leadership. Ad if Obama wants to win later this year, he needs to spew them out of his mouth.

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