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Always Remember MSNBC Is Hypocritical And Radical Leftist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/21

If you ever bother to watch MSNBC, always remember it is a hyper-partisan, radical Leftist faux news channel. Lawrence O’Donnell loudly proclaimed his devotion to socialism on air. Rachel Maddow tried to malign FOX News for allegedly doing the exact same thing MSNBC does with regularity. Martin Bashir tried to malign Sarah Palin for her allegedly political usage of the US Flag, while MSNBC has made much political usage of the US flag.

Always remember. Anytime anyone, anyone at all, references MSNBC as a source, always remember MSNBC is further left than 90 percent of the US, and less honest (more dishonorable) than 90 percent of the US.

Never, under any circumstances, ever take MSNBC as a reliable source for anything. If you do so, you’re either an abject fool, or you’re a radical Leftist abject fool. There is no other option.

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Radical Leftist Hate Group MSNBC Gets Caught Again

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/01

Sarah Palin is driving the lamestream media absolutely bonkers. And they’re looking for any angle they can find to take her down. On this bus tour, beyond what’s reported in the above link, ABC decided to go after “how much is this costing” and Mama Grizzly fired back, powerfully.

When asked, twice, how much her “One Nation Tour” has cost four days into the trip, she got visibly irritated.

“Check,” she said. “I don’t know why in the world you would ask a question like that. I’m just thinking about America and our foundations and our freedoms and our opportunities. Why would you ask something …”

ABC News pointed out that she often talks about the economy and how much money we’re spending.

“What does our economy have to do with how much we’re — I’m not asking you to pay for a penny of this trip,” she said.

MSNBC, that radical left-wing fake media outlet who had to throw out the spittle-flecked radical leftist Keith Olbermann and suspend the spittle-flecked radical leftist misogynist Ed Schultz, overdid it yet again with the spittle-flecked radical leftist Martin Bashir. Because Sarah Palin decided to put a flag on her bus and that’s illegal or something. Watch as Martin Bashir spews his bile and gets caught with his pants down at the same time.

SarahCuda is living rent-free in their heads. By now, she doesn’t even have to try to make them look like hyper-partisan idiots. They do all the work for her.

More popcorn, please.

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