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Racist Race-Traitor’s Racism Revealed

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/13

HT Smitty

Listen to the video and you’ll hear all manner of dog-whistles as this man shamelessly attacks the black man in the white house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Or, if you have an honest bone in your body, you’ll see a man speaking a lot of truth, and absolutely incensed at the Mainstream Media’s dishonest in-the-bag for Democrat tactics. Liberals are not going to like what they see, because it destroys their lies.

Go take a gander at his site Whatever Happen To COMMON SENSE as well. I’ll be adding his site to my list of Race Traitor blogs.

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Word Of Honor? Or Contract?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/29

Which is more valuable to you? Your word of honor or a legally binding contract you sign? There is at least one modern, industrialized nation that to this day culturally values your “gentleman’s handshake” more greatly than your signature on a piece of paper. Likely, there are more than one, due to a cultural thing.

From my reading and from my experience, Japan is such a place. And I expect it’s a trans-national cultural thing, and something we used to have in the US, before people of low morals de-stigmatized breaking one’s word of honor.

In Japan, your signature on a piece of paper carries much less weight than your actual word of honor, your actual promise. If you break your promise (which would be lying), you dishonor yourself. You also dishonor your employer and your associates and your friends. But most importantly, you dishonor your family (sometimes irreparably). You become an absolute disgrace to all who have connections to you, and they will do their best to distance themselves from you. And, ya know, I think that ain’t such a bad idea, yo. If people who break promises became Pariahs, the world would become a much healthier place.

In my last Ohio job, I worked for a Japanese-owned company. A large percentage of the employees there were Japanese citizens on US work visas. They absolutely valued personal honor. They absolutely valued your word. And if you broke your word you were a disgrace, not to be trusted in anything at all.

What brought this up? That’s the wrong question, actually. As the saying goes, “the answer is only important if the right question is asked”. Who brought this up? Perry Hood brought this up. If you’ve been a follower of this site for any time, you’ll know Perry Hood is a radical Leftist “absolute relativist” who comments on The First Street Journal under the name “Wagonwheel” (generic link in deference to the blog owner, who allows anonymity, even of malignant sorts, on his site (which means this link will not trackback to any article there)). Perry Hood made a promise some time ago not to comment on my articles, in my threads. He has previously “accidentally” done so, and when called on it, he has “given permission” for me to delete his comments. But in each of the most recent three days, Perry Hood has knowingly and intentionally commented on my TFSJ articles, claiming he has chosen to retract his promise (as if that is even honorably possible).

What made the difference? Convenience. Perry Hood found it highly inconvenient to keep his promise to not comment on my articles, thus Perry Hood decided he would be Dishohorable and disgrace himself by breaking his sworn oath not to comment on my articles. And in doing so, Perry Hood tried to lay the blame on others because I have forced him to keep his promise (by deleting all or most of each of his comments) and because the site owner has given me leeway to enforce Perry Hood’s promise.

In Modern-Day Japanese culture (and likely in the culture of the entirety of the Pacific Rim, as I have found occasion to speak in-depth with a Filipino businesswoman who lives in the same culture and has traveled to the US (only to be disgusted by San Fransisco elevator eyes)), Perry Hood would be a Pariah, a disgrace to himself, his family, his associates (and his employers if he weren’t already retired), and be cast out of civilized conversation and associations, due specifically to his Dishonorable actions. But, in Modern-Day radical Leftist US culture, it’s perfectly alright to lie and make an oath that you repeatedly break later under one condition: Keeping the oath you made inconveniences you to any degree whatsoever.

So, Perry Hood, the radical Leftist, self-proclaimed “Progressive” (read Socialist) from Delaware, has declared his promises to not be worth the breath it takes to make them, if they inconvenience him in the least, and that everyone else is to blame if they even deign to hold him to his self-admitted oaths.

I received a query from someone on FaceBook for whom I have great respect. The query went along the lines of “Isn’t a written contract a verbal agreement, only in writing?” That is absolutely right in an American world. And the written contract holds much greater weight in an American world, because it provides proof of the agreement. I’ll note that the promise Perry Hood made was, actually, in writing and posted for the entire world to see. So, that difference does not provide a mitigating factor for Perry Hood.

But let’s take it out of the Dishonorable Perry Hood realm (where he fails on both counts) and into the hypothetical realm, comparing cultures.

In much of modern, industrialized Japan: (In many areas and in many families)

A business contract is business.
If you violate that contract, it’s business and to be dealt with as business.

If you give a personal promise, it’s you, standing there naked with just your honor to clothe you.
If you dishonor your personal promise in any way, YOU are dishonored by your own actions.
If your family does not disown you and turn you into a Pariah, your family is likewise dishonored by accepting you. And they forever live in the shame and dishonor you have heaped upon them as being family of a loathesome, dishonorable person. (Think Star Trek TNG and the Klingons.)
If your friends and acquaintances do not turn their backs on you, they, too, become dishonorable because they kept their ties with a dishonorable person.
Likewise, a business who honors the dishonorable is dishonorable.
And the snowball grows large enough to tear an automobile from the road, sending it and its occupants into destruction.

No, in some cultures, even modern industrialized cultures, it is far worse to dishonor your personal oaths than to violate your business agreements.

And that is exactly what Perry Hood did, in intentionally violating his personal oath at least 5 times in 3 consecutive days. He not only brought shame upon himself but upon all who closely affiliate themselves with him, and upon all with whom he closely affiliates himself.

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The Only Standards Liberals Have

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/09

Are Double Standards.

From ShePACTV: (And don’t watch this video at work.)

No, the stupid Liberals never went batsh!t over any of the constant vulgar attacks against Conservative women. But one Conservative calls a slut a slut on national radio and the stupid Liberals completely lose all sense of self-control! “How dare that Conservative talk in such a way toward a Leftist woman after we have been saying far worse for years against Conservative women!!! That Conservative should be thrown off the air!!

Hey, did you happen to hear Louis CK the other night? Wasn’t he just hilarious the way he talked about those Conservative tw^ts? I about dropped my beer on my girlfriend’s head I was laughing so hard!”

There is an oft-repeated truism, which I already mentioned above: If it weren’t for double standards, Liberals wouldn’t have any standards at all.

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More Proof Of #OccupyWallStreet #Astroturf

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/10

Yes, that Working Families Party in New York, with its ties to ACORN and the radical Left (including “Progressive” Democrats and Unions), is paying people to protest Wall Street and make a “differnence”.

Ed Morrissey finds humor in the WFP’s hypocrisy.

By the way, for a political party that professes to be on the side of working families to oppose the greed on Wall Street, they sure don’t pay much for their ground troops:

Compensation: $350-$650 A Week Depending On Responsibility & Length Of Time On Staff

For full-time work, $350 works out to $8.75 an hour … in New York City. Not exactly a living wage, is it?

It’s just more of the typical from the Left, really. Accuse the Conservative TEA Party movement of being exactly what the Left does incessantly (astroturf) and refuse to pay their employees the wages they demand everyone else pay. It’s cute how arrogantly ignorant they are, really. Bless their hearts.

But the US is not Europe and Americans are not Euro-weenies. While the Occupy Wall Street anarcho-socialist criminals cause a lot of destruction, disgust, and public expense, the American People will be working to eradicate some of the Socialism and criminality the current administration has brought to the US.

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Michelle Malkin Gets Hate Mail

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/20

HT RS McCain

Michelle Malkin gets a ton of hate mail. On occasion, she posts some of it. And of course, she’s helpful enough to post the names and email addresses attached to the hate mail.

Below the fold, you will see racism, misogyny, pure unadulterated hate spewing forth from the Leftist nutjobs. Below the fold, you will see terms that my moderation filter and spam filter will catch if someone tried to use it in my comment section. If you wilt easily, do not venture below the fold.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Liberal Voter ID Philosophy Attached Elsewhere

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/20

Patron: I want to buy this AR-15.
Gun Shop Owner: Are you at least 18?
Patron: Yup, wanna see my ID?
Gun Shop Owner: No need. I trust you.
Patron: Alright. I also want to buy this .38 Special.
Gun Shop Owner: Are you at least 21?
Patron: Yup, sure am.
Gun Shop Owner: Have a nice day.

Patron: I want a case of Budweiser.
Cashier: Are you at least 21?
Patron: Yup.
Cashier: Have a nice day.

Officer: Do you have a Driver’s License, proper registration and car insurance?
Driver: Yes, I do.
Officer: Very well. Have a safe trip.

It’s not very important to check any of that stuff. After all, it’s illegal to buy rifles under 18 or pistols under 21. It’s illegal to buy beer under 21. It’s illegal to drive an unregistered car without a license and insurance. So people won’t do it. And we can trust them to be honest.

And besides that, it might be raaaaacist to demand proof of any of that. Because, somehow blacks cannot be expected to live up to the same high standards of whites.

And that is the Liberal Voter ID Philosophy tied to other issues. Do read the Liberal rants on Voter ID Laws and pay special attention to Perry’s rants.

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