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I Contributed To #GosnellMovie

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/04/16

I contributed to help make the Gosnell movie happen. You can, too. Go to and you can help make an important movie happen. Hot Air has some important news about who is blocking the attempt to crowdfund, and two actors who have made youtube videos in support of the crowdfunding.

Edit: For those who have not heard of the heinous mass murderer Kermit Gosnell (and mainstream media and Hollywood like it that way), read what I wrote and Dana wrote back in 2011. Fair warning: have a strong stomach (preferably empty).

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TEA Party Wins Equal Democrat Wins

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/08

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.American philosopher George Santayana (aka Jorge Augustin Nicolas de Santayana y Borras) (1893-1984)

Patrick Frey, proprietor of Patterico’s Pontifications, has made a (second) career of fisking the very clearly Liberal, agenda-driven, falsehood-selling Los Angeles Times. It seems hardly fair for me to pile on, since the LA Slimes has had round after round after round after round of permanent staffing cuts as it continues to lose revenue and readership. But I’m not a believer in the fair. At all. I’m a believer in the just. And the truth. And in integrity. And in destroying the anti-Founder, anti-Framer, anti-American Dream agenda of the mainstream media, the Democrat leadership, the Ruling Class Republicans, the Union leadership, etc, etc, ad infinitum. So, I’m going to try my hand at fisking the LA Slimes.

Today, the day where Richard Lugar will likely be Primaried out of his 36-year job as a US Senator from Indiana (where he is not legally permitted to vote, since he is not an Indiana resident and hasn’t been for over 30 years), the Los Angeles Times is doing its best to spin the likely Mourdock win over Lugar as a potential win for Democrats. As an aside, albeit a very important one, Karl, who writes for both Patterico’s Pontifications and Hot Air, absolutely destroyed the media-appointed “Conservative” Peggy Noonan. You MUST read it. His entire article reads like a cat playing with a mouse as Karl bats Noonan around for a while before consuming her and looking for a bowl of milk in his final paragraph.

While Lugar deserves credit for his work on issues like nuclear disarmament, he has contributed to the current existential threat and until now displayed no awareness of this. Had he spent more time among Hoosiers, perhaps he would have noticed their discontent. Should he lose today, he will seek solace from his real constituents in the Beltway, who will condemn the excessive partisanship of the Tea Party movement, conveniently forgetting Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) retired in 2010 because the leftwing agenda of a Democratic Congress made getting re-elected too difficult.

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Even when “the past” is less than two years ago.

Alright, aside over. Let’s fisk Lisa Mascaro’s LA Slimes article, shall we?

said a “tea party” victory
Richard Mourdock, a “tea party” favorite
The more the Republicans embrace the ‘tea party’ agenda and its candidates

Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see? Do you know what I know?

It is widely known that the TEA Party movement has four capital letters (but many only use the two capitals at the beginnings of the two words). Lisa Mascaro absolutely refused to use any capitals. This is indeed significant in that the capital letters absolutely signify a matter of importants and significance. Lisa Mascaro seeks to strip that importance and significance from the TEA Party. And she doubles down on her absolute agenda-driven desire to crush the TEA Party in her own puny way by adding “scare quotes” each time she mentions the TEA Party (which she adamantly refuses to capitalize). Show me where the LA Slimes wrote about occupy wall street or “occupy wall street” and not about Occupy Wall Street. Go ahead, google and wiki away. I’ll wait.

What did you find? Anything? Yeah, me neither. Lisa Mascaro didn’t want the TEA Party rendered ungood. She wanted it rendered double plus ungood. And she proved herself a buffoon and a fool in her very loud and proud agenda-driven false “reporting” of the “news” of the day.

One of the Democrats’ top Senate campaign strategists said
The outlook from Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) reflected the growing enthusiasm among Democrats
said Schumer, who led his party to the Senate majority in past election cycles

Top campaign strategists, growing enthusiasm among Democrats, led the party to majority in the past. Did Lisa Mascaro say anything like that about the Republicans she referred to and quoted? Did Lisa Mascaro refer to the historic TEAnami that occurred in 2010, where Democrats lost the House majority in suplex/pile-driver fashion? Nah.

Republicans have dismissed
said Brian Walsh, communications director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee

She couldn’t be bothered with providing proper context, historical context, or facts in her spinnage. She may have her spinnage which adds power to her atrophied brain muscle, but she doesn’t have the spinach of truth. Lies by omission are worse than lies by commission because they’re less detectable. And Lisa is doing her best to spin by deceit and omission and mockery that she can.

Go ahead and read her article and decide for yourself. Is it


You be the judge.

While those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, such as the 2010 elections which saw over 700 Democrat-held seats switch to Republican-held seats mainly due to the TEA Party, those who deceitfully cover up history to prevent people from learning are better off having millstones around their necks and being cast into the deepest of oceans than facing the results of their actions.

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The Fast And Furious “Smoking Gun”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/29

Laura Curtis reports on Hot Air’s recent Fast And Furious article that the ATF sold guns directly to the narco-terrorists and deliberately refused to track them. I previously reported on Fast And Furious and the mainstream media’s reticence to report it for the epic scandal that it is. And I gave a “barely scratching the surface” listing of New Media coverage, showing the New Media has been covering the epic scandal for the epic scandal it is.

Mr Morrissey begins his Hot Air article:

The New York Post’s Michael Walsh wonders when the media outrage will arrive in the aftermath of the disastrous and deadly Operation Fast and Furious. The latest revelation shows that the ATF wasn’t really interested in stopping illegal gun sales or stopping the movement of guns across the border, Walsh writes, but something else entirely. And until the national media exposes the “lies” coming from the Department of Justice, Americans simply won’t get answers as to what purpose the ATF and DoJ really intended[.]

But Laura Curtis takes a different track.

Oh, sure, it’s a smoking gun showing that the Obama administration deliberately sold guns to narcoterrorists and deliberately failed to track them. That is a huge story. Watergate pales in comparison, if for no other reason than the body count, which currently stands at over 200 people.

It is also a smoking gun for the biased media, which is roundly refusing to cover the story.

She goes on to recount the outrageously outraged and shockingly shocked mainstream media’s hyperventilating reporting of George W Bush’s completely legal activities that saved American (and other) lives. Day after day, legal action after legal action, all which saved lives, hyperventilatingly covered in the major newspapers and on the TV news outlets.

But the Obama regime’s corrupt, illegal activities that have cost over 200 innocent American and Mexican lives? Meh. American public, the mainstream media’s “not that into you.” Laura Curtis finishes her article:

If you ever wanted definitive proof that the press operates as an appendage of the Democratic party, I give you Fast and Furious. Q.E.D.

In slightly modified trucker lingo, “you got that stuff right.”

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John Farmer Is A Dishonest Journalist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/28

Hot Air Headlines has this John Farmer quote:

If the CBS/Times study has it right, the tea party participation is principally a Southern phenomenon. More than a third “hail from the South, far more than any other region,” it found, and that has important implications for the GOP next year and perhaps beyond.

Ooooh, scary! TEA Party demographics show more than a third are from the south! The south is taking over the Republican Party! And we all know how raaaaacist and backward those in the south are! Horrifying! Run away! Run awaaaay!

Yeah, let’s check the population totals in the US, shall we? According to the US Census, the south contains 37.1 percent of the US population, or approaching 40 percent. And since “approaching 40 percent” is a greater measure than “more than one third”, that means the south is underrepresented in the TEA Party, right? Okay, not necessarily, since I used another lamestream media tactic: dissimilar units of measurement to provide a storyline that fits a pre-ordained agenda.

I would compare like with like but John Farmer, in his ultimate wisdom, failed to provide a link to the New York Times/CBS poll. So I can’t see the demographic breakdown of the polling. So let’s just say the TEA Party’s southern demographics aligns with the US’s population dispersal. In other words, John Farmer had an ax to grind and a story to tell and he wasn’t going to let the facts get in his way.

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