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The Ever-Present “Unexpected” Strikes Again

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/02

Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen, writing about the lower levels of support for Obama among the very young voters, hits on economics. And the ever-present “unexpected” laugh line strikes again.

And with Obama at the helm, it isn’t looking like there’s an end in sight — as Jim Pethokoukis summarizes, several of our already-anemic growth indicators are starting to slow up even more. The hits just keep on coming (unexpectedly, of course):

New data suggests the three-year economic expansion — as anemic as it has been — may be at an end, or is at least perilously close. The Institute for Supply Management’s factory index unexpectedly fell to 49.7 in June from 53.5 a month earlier. A reading of less than 50 signals contraction.

Not one of 70 economists interviewed by Bloomberg thought it would be below 50.5. …

But these numbers are just the latest in a long string of worrisome reports including rising initial unemployment claims, slowing job growth, falling consumer confidence, and declining durable goods orders. Oh, and the rest of the global economy is slowing, too.

All these so-called economics experts, Keynesians to a man, who are constantly surprised by the bad economic numbers, and the Left keeps going to them for advice. Keynesianism has been a proven failure in the economically collapsed European community, in faltering China, in faltering US. Where there is real growth in the US, it is despite Obama and the Democrats, not because of them. I give you Texas, which has been an economic leader for at least 10 years. I give you Wisconsin, which threw off the Leftist Government and replaced it with Conservative governance. I give you Ohio and Pennsylvania, which threw off their Leftist Government and installed a far more Conservative Government.

As far as the Leftist position, I give you California, which has seen years of job-and-people flight to far more business-friendly states (like Texas and Utah). I give you Illinois, which has been Democrat-and-corruption-run (but I repeat myself) for quite some time, and pumped in the largest tax increases in Illinois’ history — to results completely “unexpected” by the “experts” but fully warned about by Conservatives (including here on this site, multiple times).

The Keynesian economic “experts” upon whom the radical Leftists so adamantly depend, will always be surprised by actual economics as they continue to tout their abysmally failed economic “theory”. As Conservatives and Republicans (not necessarily the same thing, but Conservatives already knew that) gain more governmental leadership in 2012 and implement much more Austrian Economic theory (the Hayek approach), the Keynesian economists will scream and kick and fight and bite, declaring the end of the world. But the economy will rise out of the Leftist Keynesian ashes, like a Phoenix.




UPDATE 20120703
While Bloomberg couldn’t find an “expert” economist who had forecast below 50.5 among the 70 Bloomberg interviewed, Reuters’ economists had predicted a score of 52.0. And the “expert” economists that the Associated Press talks to suggest the GDP growth rate for Q2 will fall to 1.5 from the 1.9 growth rate experienced in Q1. Those “expert” economists are now declaring their previously forecast 2.0 growth rate for 2012 was too optimistic. While the Baraka Obama propaganda campaign and “budget” ten-year plans have always been dependent on growth rates in the fives, far above historical growth rates, (also meaning his outrageously large self-admitted deficit spending would be ever more outrageously large since tax revenue would be far below “expectations”), a look at the US population growth rate over the past 110 years will clearly show that a 2 percent GDP growth rate isn’t even enough to keep up with the population growth.

Seriously, when will the Left quit listening to Keynesian “experts” when they are so clearly wrong in their predictions and in their philosophy?

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Greece Is Collapsing

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/17

HT Smitty for the video.

Europe is starting to figure out the Keynesian religion is a religion of State death. Greece is going to default on its debt and I doubt any reasonable person will disagree. Greece’s massive Leftist handouts to everyone on the backs of the producers has created a system that was guaranteed to fail from the start. And now it has failed.

As Spain found out, a government-forced “green jobs” program (which happens to have Communist-red roots wherever it is pushed or mandated) is very, very expensive. To the tune of 2.2 other private sector jobs for each “green” job and untold debt placed on the taxpayers, who are now far less able to manage the debt since so many jobs were destroyed in the process of going “green.” As Spain also found out, a government-run health care system only works when the government is awash in cash; not when the government is awash in debt.

As Spain, France, Germany, Greece, England, other European nations found out, when a government runs out of Other People’s Money (OPM) and has to reduce the amount of freebies handed to the leeches (that is, Leftists) at the expense of the producers, the leeches riot, destroy property, and act like the prepubescent spoiled brat criminals they are.

But the American Liberal has not figured any of that out yet. The American Liberal is still trying to force the US down the path Greece took, expecting the results to be different this time. It failed in the Soviet Union. It failed in Cuba. It failed in Venezuela. It failed in China (which is why China opened the door partially to free market capitalism). It failed in all the European countries. It is failing in the US as well. But the American Liberal, in all his insanity, keeps his cranial-rectal inversion fully functional and continues to push for the selfsame things that are sinking the European Union.

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Another “Sarah Palin Was Right” Article

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/23

Back in November, Ben Bernanke said of his QE2 printing press hyper-drive that his goal was 2 percent inflation. Sarah Palin said, in November, that it would cause inflation. We’re now officially at 3.6 percent inflation and that number is growing steadily and rapidly.

Bernanke expected QE2 would weaken the dollar (it has) and improve our net exports. Sarah Palin said that any net improvement would only be temporary. Again, Sarah Palin was right.

Bernanke expected QE2 to result in greater business investment. Sarah Palin said, in effect, “not so fast there, bub.” And then she explained exactly why it wouldn’t work and exactly why businesses aren’t investing. And again, Sarah Palin was right.

All the supersmart elite Leftists, such as Bernanke and Krugman and all the other Keynesians, mocked Sarah Palin’s pronouncements and said she didn’t know economics. The actual economic news on all fronts is totally “unexpected” news to all the supersmart elite Leftist Expert Economists, but precisely what Sarah Palin predicted.

The American Thinker has all the facts and figures, including quality charts.

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