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Fast and Furious includes “Grenadewalker”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/14

While the State Department was arming the Zetas drug cartel and ATF and DOJ were arming the Sinaloa drug cartel, the ATF and DOJ were busily allowing grenades and grenade parts to go from the US side, where an American was illegally building them, to the Mexican side, where the drug cartels were busily using them to blow up things in their narco-terrorism campaign.

From Ed Morrissey:

Well, here’s CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson again, being all unreasonable by reporting that the ATF let thousands of grenades cross the border into Mexico at roughly the same time the Mexican drug cartels were using grenades to blow up a casino and kill dozens of people. But hey, it’s not as if they could have stopped Jean Baptiste Kingery, right? Er …

For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Sharyl Attkisson is the CBS reporter whom members of the Obama White House cussed out for reporting on Fast and Furious. The second link in that quote discusses that particular event. But do go on over to Ed Morrissey’s story to watch the video and read the rest of his reporting. It’s very informative. The US Attorney resigned and the Assistant US Attorney, who called the grenade parts “novelty items” and declared it didn’t have enough cache to appeal to jurists (that’s why he refused to pursue criminal charges against Kingery), got transferred.

No, Fast and Furious and all its offshoots have scads of people all up and down multiple departments in the Obama Administration committing crimes, colluding with criminals, aiding and abetting murderous and terroristic criminal activity, and they all should serve sentences appropriate for people who aided and abetted in the murders of over 200 people. But the cover-up and perjury in front of Congress and punishment of whistle-blowers has gobbled up even more top staff in ATF, DOJ, Department of State, White House and beyond. They, too, need to serve prison sentences.

This stuff is reaching critical mass, and even the mainstream media will be unable to keep it from exploding across the electorate as more and more news of the scandal and cover-up, more egregious as it goes, comes to the fore. Many heads will roll, but not enough, and not high enough, I suspect.

Michelle Malkin suggests a new version of the below song needs cut.

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