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Chicago Union Bosses Get Huge Tax-Payer Pensions

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/13

The Lonely Conservative cites for some outrageous Illinois dealings at a time when Illinois is having a hard time paying its bills.

A labor leader in Chicago is expected to receive pension payments of nearly $500,000 a year, while another could get about $438,000 a year, according to reports Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV, which obtained information about union pension benefits during a joint investigation, said at least eight union officials in Chicago were eligible for what were described as inflated city pensions on top of union pensions for the same period of employment.

The news organizations said this was due to “a charitable interpretation” of Illinois law by officials representing two city pension funds.

“Can you name any place in the world where someone can get two pensions for the same job?” state Rep. Tom Cross, a Republican, told the paper. “Even by our standards here in Illinois, it’s beyond belief. It’s insane.”

Chicago and Illinois are facing financial trouble, in part due to pension shortfalls.

Illinois, facing budget shortfalls, raised taxes massively this year. Right before the new Legislature was sworn in, a Legislature that wouldn’t raise the taxes. And by “right before” I of course mean at 3 in the morning on the day the new Legislature was sworn in. And immediately, the jobs began disappearing. Businesses have been pulling up stakes and leaving due to the tax increases and new taxes. Residents have been pulling up stakes and leaving.

The gargantuan tax increases passed by tax-and-spend Democrats are guaranteed to provide even fewer tax dollars. And yet Illinois sees its way to paying half a mil a year in tax-payer pensions to a Union Boss. Hey, OccupyWallStreet clowns, the pension of one Union Boss would be enough for 12 20-dollar-an-hour jobs and the pension of a second Union Boss would be enough for another 10 20-dollar-an-hour jobs. Why don’t you go stand out in front of the Union Bosses’ homes and yell and scream and poop on their cars and sit around naked with your pink hair and nose balls, while doing your drugs and complaining that nobody will hire you? Or maybe you can doodoo all that at the homes of the Democrats who caused it and allowed it to happen?

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