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More Evidence American Education Has Failed

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/30

Liberals love to claim all that is needed to fix our education system is More Taxpayer Money. That’s their mantra. It doesn’t matter that funding for K-12 has skyrocketed while outcomes have been flat-to-negative. Just pump more money into the broken system; don’t actually fix or replace the broken system. I have two examples where “money” isn’t the answer. Requiring students to learn and failing them if they don’t is.

About ten years ago, I saw a billboard in Mansfield, OH advertising “SOFA’S” and I pointed it out to my daughter. She laughed at it as I did. Last night, while scrolling through the TV programming guide, I found this nugget:

History Channel
Modern Marvels
PG, TV-PG Secret Underground Education.
(2010) A look under the feet of American’s, from
secret military installations and experimental
farms to tunnel networks and neutron lasers.

A perusal of the A&E career opportunity listings shows a college education requirement plus years of experience. Perhaps the person responsible for the above History Channel program guide was merely an intern (if A&E uses interns), but that would mean a college student wrote it. The person still would have had to have been a high school graduate (or equivalent) to hold the job.

(For those with public educations and cannot figure out what I’m hitting, there is a difference between a plural and a possessive.)

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