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Greece Is Collapsing

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/17

HT Smitty for the video.

Europe is starting to figure out the Keynesian religion is a religion of State death. Greece is going to default on its debt and I doubt any reasonable person will disagree. Greece’s massive Leftist handouts to everyone on the backs of the producers has created a system that was guaranteed to fail from the start. And now it has failed.

As Spain found out, a government-forced “green jobs” program (which happens to have Communist-red roots wherever it is pushed or mandated) is very, very expensive. To the tune of 2.2 other private sector jobs for each “green” job and untold debt placed on the taxpayers, who are now far less able to manage the debt since so many jobs were destroyed in the process of going “green.” As Spain also found out, a government-run health care system only works when the government is awash in cash; not when the government is awash in debt.

As Spain, France, Germany, Greece, England, other European nations found out, when a government runs out of Other People’s Money (OPM) and has to reduce the amount of freebies handed to the leeches (that is, Leftists) at the expense of the producers, the leeches riot, destroy property, and act like the prepubescent spoiled brat criminals they are.

But the American Liberal has not figured any of that out yet. The American Liberal is still trying to force the US down the path Greece took, expecting the results to be different this time. It failed in the Soviet Union. It failed in Cuba. It failed in Venezuela. It failed in China (which is why China opened the door partially to free market capitalism). It failed in all the European countries. It is failing in the US as well. But the American Liberal, in all his insanity, keeps his cranial-rectal inversion fully functional and continues to push for the selfsame things that are sinking the European Union.

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