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#BrettKimberlin BREAKING: Another Critic of Convicted Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Has Been Swatted! (Update: Erickson Speaks!)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/29

Maryland Judge CJ Vaughey may not live in a country governed by the US Constitution but every one of Truth Before Dishonor’s authors do.

UPDATE: I thought I was being snarktastic when I added the above sentence to my blog posts yesterday, but it turns out I was far more accurate than I had thought. I thought Maryland Judge CJ Vaughey actually lived in, you know, Maryland. It turns out I was mistaken. He lives in the Caribbean, where the US Constitution and the First Amendment is not the Law of the Land. And he declared his lack of interest in US Supreme Court rulings, which ran counter to what he did. For more information, read the Conservative Commune and Patterico’s Pontifications. And I fully intend to republish Patterico’s article here.

The below article (with the above title) was originally written by Aaron Walker, a Virginia attorney who blogs under the name of Aaron Worthing on 20120527:


BREAKING: Another Critic of Convicted Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Has Been Swatted! (Update: Erickson Speaks!)

Update: And via the Blaze, he is a Cnn contributor?  Well, if there is any way to keep something out of the news, it is to target one of their friends.  Genius!  If this was Brett Kimberlin, I don’t want to hear anyone claim he is brilliant again.

Update (II): Erick Erickson shares his account.  Because he warned the police ahead of time that this could happen it wasn’t quite the dangerous situation that Patterico faced.  But the intent to intimidate was there.

Update (III): True story, when Kimberlin first obtained my identity, I went to the local police and made sure they knew about this situation and the very real possibility that I might be swatted.  Then as I came back home, I looked at the front yard, where because of sewer pipe problems I had to dig up half the front yard.  I have mentioned before that I find humor in horror, and this was one of those times.  I looked at it and thought to myself, “if someone calls the police and tells them that I killed my wife, they are going to think she’s buried in the front yard!”

It isn’t a laughing matter, but as I told you before, I can laugh at things that are unfunny.  We now resume our original post.


What we are watching is the attempt to suppress speech occurring in real time.  Of course we don’t know it is Brett Kimberlin or his allies; for all we know it could end up being a hoax.  But there is a growing pattern.  Patrick Frey has the story.

Let me say something else to the liberals out there.  I have studiously avoided making this a liberal v. conservative thing.  I still believe that the vast majority of liberals and conservatives do not believe that this is the way to carry out our discourses—with criminal actions taken to intimidate the opposition into silence.  This is why it is important for liberals just as conservatives to stand up and demand justice.  Framing a person for a crime should not be a political tactic.  Intentionally putting a person’s life in danger should not be a political tactic.  Filing bogus restraining orders (or peace orders) to keep you from talking about someone should not be a political tactic.
And I believe liberals will come around and denounce these tactics en masse and call for the prosecution of those responsible—if only out of self-interest.  What people posing as liberal activists do today to Patrick, Stacy, Erik and myself, can be done tomorrow to a liberal.  Indeed if conservatives see this as something that is 1) effective and 2) unpunished, some immoral conservative is likely to resort to the same tactics.  If the Krazy Kimberlin’s Krew is not stopped, then Markos Moulitsas or Charles Johnson could find himself on the receiving end of this kind of harassment.
But more important than that, is the simple realization that this shouldn’t happen to anyone, period.  And I do think that both sides believe this, equally.  Call me naive, but it is what I believe.

So why haven’t we seen a massive outcry from liberals so far?  (There are some happy exceptions.)  I think sadly it is a testament to how little the rightosphere and the leftosphere communicate these days.  So let us keep trying to show them how it is serious, evil conduct.  Let us make it clear that all we are asking is for the condemnation that this deserves so that the Krazy Kimberlin Krew will know it has no friends left in this world.  Do not be nasty or confrontational.  Just show them the evidence and ask them to stand beside you.

And I know this might sound self-centered, but I would argue that my case is perhaps the clearest one.  One can debate whether Ron Brynaert swatted Patrick Frey.  In my opinion, it sounds like Brynaert trying not to sound like Brynaert, but reasonable people can disagree.  But in my case, I think the evidence is beyond any reasonable doubt: he tried to frame me for a crime.  So perhaps that is where to start them.  Tell them it is long, but I prove everything I claim.
So it might be useful to start with me, then show them what happened to Patrick and then talk about Stacy and now Erick.
Still, if you are out there blogging about Brett Kimberlin, take measures to protect yourself as soon as possible.  Talk to the police, explain to them the situation and ask them what measures they can take to ensure that a SWATting is less likely to happen to you.  I did this on the first day that I learned that Kimberlin knew my real name.  I honestly don’t know if that prevented him from doing it to me.
And finally, if Brett Kimberlin or his allies really did this, they know nothing about the internet.  They just tried to put out a fire, with gasoline.
My wife and I have lost our jobs due to the harassment of convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin, including an attempt to get us killed and to frame me for a crime carrying a sentence of up to ten years.  I know that claim sound fantastic, but if you read starting here, you will see absolute proof of these claims using documentary and video evidence.  If you would like to donate and help my wife and I in this time of need, please go to this donation page.  And thank you.

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Day By Day Disses Erick Erickson

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/10

Because Erick Erickson deserves to be dissed — day by day. And a lot of people know that to be truth.

HT RS McCain (who is rightfully blowing his own horn) for this Day By Day comic.

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Erick Erickson Is A First-Rate A**

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/10/06

First there was Erick Erickson’s MILF joke and his subsequent banning of people on Red State who were offended at his highly offensive remarks, and his refusal to apologize for his highly offensive remarks. Then there was Erick Erickson’s highly offensive innuendos regarding another woman, Jamie Radtke, and Erickson’s ties to her well-connected Republican Primary opponent. And of course we have Red State impugning the intellect and integrity of anyone who criticized Rick Perry.

After Sarah Palin decided that she would not be running for President this time around, Erick Erickson provided this childish response:

And now he has the audacity to ask if we can all be friends. C-c-can’t we get along? C-c-can’t we all just get along? Actually no, Erick, bless your heart. You have one heck of a lot of growing up to do before you can sit at the grown-ups table.

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