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Who Reads Truth Before Dishonor?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/09/02

I added the Flag Counter back in October of 2009 because I was interested in the outreach of Truth Before Dishonor. I wanted to know who read this decidedly American and decidedly Christian Conservative political site. And to say I’m satisfied with the geopolitical breakdown of the viewers of this site would be an understatement.

Nearly 1 in 5 viewers of this site hail from outside the US. And I am overjoyed at that number. TBD is not just reaching Americans but people from a great many countries. TBD has reached a total of 162 different countries so far. And the United Kingdom is fast approaching the point where it becomes the third nation with more than 1,000 unique viewers.

Roughly 4 out of 5 viewers of this American, Christian Conservative political site hail from the US. And I am very pleased the ratio is so low. I have seen various sites where the totals are more along the lines of 9 in 10 from the US. I am proud of the wider dissemination that TBD has. While the goal of TBD is to reach as broad an audience and as many readers as possible, to provide Truth in the ever-lasting struggle against Leftist lies, it is not strictly an American goal. If only the US has the Truth and the rest of the world suffers under Socialist lies, the world is not a better place, and the US is evermore on the brink of destruction. Thus, the 1 in 5 viewers from outside the US are very welcome and very desired here. Would that it were 1 in 4! And, while TBD has more than doubled its daily viewership this year over last year, would that that number would more than treble again.

It is my desire — and I expect the desire of every author here — that TBD makes a very real difference in the governments and lives of all peoples, whether they be Americans, Israelis (as this site is officially and decidedly pro-Israel), Canadians, Europeans, Asians, Africans, or what have you. We even love people who live in Steak-and-Kidney!

So, what is the break-down of the viewers of TBD?
Roughly 4 in 5 hail from the US.
About 1 in 30 are Canadian.
Another 1 in 50 are from the United Kingdom.
Another 1 in 80 each are from Germany and Croatia (roughly speaking).
Nearly 1 in 100 each are from Australia and India.
Israel, which has a current population of less than 8,000,000, closely mirroring the total population of Virginia, the 12th most populous state in the US, and barely over half of one percent of India’s population of 1.22 billion, still accounts for more than 1 in 250 visitors here.

Of the over 160 countries represented, 23 countries have broken the 100 unique visitor threshold.

We at Truth Before Dishonor are very appreciative of every viewer here, not only the 4 in 5 which are American, but also the 1 in 5 which are not. You are what make this site. Please, after reading the “about” and “comment policy” pages, do add your own comments and build discussions. And if you are Israeli, do read the “Pro-Israel” page. You are not alone. And rest assured, we Americans are far more Israel-friendly than our current President, and tens of millions of us are working very hard to rectify that situation. Your comments are more than welcome. They are desired.

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Greece Is Collapsing

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/17

HT Smitty for the video.

Europe is starting to figure out the Keynesian religion is a religion of State death. Greece is going to default on its debt and I doubt any reasonable person will disagree. Greece’s massive Leftist handouts to everyone on the backs of the producers has created a system that was guaranteed to fail from the start. And now it has failed.

As Spain found out, a government-forced “green jobs” program (which happens to have Communist-red roots wherever it is pushed or mandated) is very, very expensive. To the tune of 2.2 other private sector jobs for each “green” job and untold debt placed on the taxpayers, who are now far less able to manage the debt since so many jobs were destroyed in the process of going “green.” As Spain also found out, a government-run health care system only works when the government is awash in cash; not when the government is awash in debt.

As Spain, France, Germany, Greece, England, other European nations found out, when a government runs out of Other People’s Money (OPM) and has to reduce the amount of freebies handed to the leeches (that is, Leftists) at the expense of the producers, the leeches riot, destroy property, and act like the prepubescent spoiled brat criminals they are.

But the American Liberal has not figured any of that out yet. The American Liberal is still trying to force the US down the path Greece took, expecting the results to be different this time. It failed in the Soviet Union. It failed in Cuba. It failed in Venezuela. It failed in China (which is why China opened the door partially to free market capitalism). It failed in all the European countries. It is failing in the US as well. But the American Liberal, in all his insanity, keeps his cranial-rectal inversion fully functional and continues to push for the selfsame things that are sinking the European Union.

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