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Conservatives, Social Media, And Returning The GOP To Its Base

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/14

Legal Insurrection has a recent article mainly concerning how the grass-roots Conservative re-awakening is beginning to show dominance on Twitter to reformulate the Republican Party back to its former ideals, to the dismay of Democrats and Ruling Class inside-the-beltway Republicans alike. (Hello, Dick Lugar.)

After watching the Democrats’ sheer dominance over social media forums during the 2008 Presidential election, it is doubtful that anyone could have predicted the conservative base would supplant them so quickly.

But beginning with the midterm elections of 2010, conservatives have been on a path to claim outright dominance over the medium altogether in a way comparable to that of the Talk Radio industry. This effort is taking its toll not just on the Democrats, but also on entrenched Republicans who, in the eyes of the GOP base, have lost their way.

Conservatives have long been upset with the direction their party was headed. One need look no further than the last 5 Presidential candidates the party has put forward, each one more typical and predictable than the last. It tends to share more in common with a Royal line of succession, than a series of democratically elected candidates.

Social Media was used very effectively by Liberals during the 2008 election cycle. Social Media was instrumental in bringing down the Egyptian government, and very useful in helping to bring down the Libyan government. Social Media bypasses the Ruling Class filtration systems. And the grass-roots Conservative movement has begun working very hard, using Social Media to clean up the Republican Party from the inside out.

It’s not just Twitter. It’s FaceBook. It’s micro-blogs like Truth Before Dishonor, with its couple thousand views a month (17 percent of which are represented by over 150 countries outside the US). And it’s bringing down Ruling Class Republicans and replacing them with actual Conservatives. And it’s doing it on shoe-string budgets, or with no money at all, all the while the Ruling Class Republicans are grossly outspending (many times still losing to) their underfunded grass-roots-supported Conservative opponents.

Dick Lugar, whose 1976 entry into the US Senate finally expires in January, heavily outspent Richard Mourdock but lost to the grass-roots Conservative, mostly due to Social Media involvement. Mia Love, a virtual unknown, is now the GOP nominee for Utah’s 4th District. Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst is heavily outspending Ted Cruz for the Senate seat held by the rather statist Kay Bailey Hutchison, but could not get over the hump. Now that Sarah Palin has endorsed Cruz, and did it through Social Media, it looks like Dewhurst may have spent his Establishment money in vain. Allen West got major support from Social Media. Charlie Crist’s campaign for Senate out of Florida got incinerated by the grass-roots Conservatives using Social Media.

Times, they are a-chagin’, and there’s not thing one the Ruling Class can do about it. As the dead tree media continues to crumble and the Voters continue to spread the real news (not what the MSM puts out), the GOP is being refashioned into what it was meant to be and once was 100 years ago. And so long as we keep plugging away, we will get the job done and save our Nation.

I leave you with two quotes, one a fact and the other an exhortation.

“All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.”
“If not you, then who?”

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The TEA Party Absolutely Crushes Dick Lugar

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/08

Absolutely crushes. As in absolutely. As in an absolute, undeniable mandate. As in Dick Lugar, we don’t want you — at all. As in that absolutely.

Richard Mourdock won an amazingly unexpected, crushing, overwhelming victory over a 6-term incumbent Senator. And this in a Primary and not the General election. Those of Lugar’s own Party affiliation threw him out. They were fed up with his complete disregard for the people, with whom he had chosen not to live more than 30 years ago. Professor Jacobson put it this way:

It was a blow out, more than anyone expected. At latest count it looks like a 20 point win.

The Lonely Conservative had this to say:

Even if Lugar wasn’t such a squishy RINO, he’s been in Washington, DC long enough. Time for some new blood. Congratulations to Richard Mourdock and good luck.

As my most recent article showed, the LameStream Media and Democrats all over DC and the LameStream-o-sphere had declared a TEA Party victory over Dick RINO Lugar only meant a greater chance for a Democrat victory in Indiana. Well, busy Socialist scribes, what have you to say now that Lugar got beat like a bunch of egg whites in preparation for meringue?

From an AP article:

Some Indianapolis voters who weighed in at a southeast side polling station before work Tuesday said they felt it was time for a change in Washington and agreed with tea party activists on those and other issues.

Chris Creech, 27, a systems administrator at an insurance company, said he voted for Lugar in past elections but voted for Mourdock in this year’s GOP primary because he felt Lugar had become too liberal.

“I just think Lugar has become less conservative over the years and I think it’s time for someone new,” he said after voting at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church.

Maurice Whittemore, 50, a state employee and registered Republican, said he had respected Lugar’s knowledge on defense issue but felt he had become too willing to compromise on legislation before the Senate.

“He’s from the old school, where they like to compromise. And compromise is OK except when you’re doing it and you know you’re not going to get anything in return but are just hoping you will,” Whittemore said.

Dick Lugar, the absolute squish without a backbone but supported by all the wrong people, went down in an abysmal defeat. It was an absolute bone-shattering defeat (which is more severe than a mere bone-crushing defeat). Those who say the TEA Party is nuttin need to re-evaluate. The TEA Party did this. We The People did this. The Ruling Class Republicans just got diaper rash today. And the Democrats and their scribes are spinning like a dreidel, hoping beyond hope to come up with a plausible explanation why the outcome is favorable to someone who is far to the Left of the absolute squish Lugar in a Republican-dominated State. But the dreidel spinning will be of no use, since Providence is not with the Socialists who currently run the US and hate Israel. No use at all.

A crushing defeat of a RINO-tastic 36-year sitting Senator… during a Primary. Glory be.

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TEA Party Wins Equal Democrat Wins

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/08

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.American philosopher George Santayana (aka Jorge Augustin Nicolas de Santayana y Borras) (1893-1984)

Patrick Frey, proprietor of Patterico’s Pontifications, has made a (second) career of fisking the very clearly Liberal, agenda-driven, falsehood-selling Los Angeles Times. It seems hardly fair for me to pile on, since the LA Slimes has had round after round after round after round of permanent staffing cuts as it continues to lose revenue and readership. But I’m not a believer in the fair. At all. I’m a believer in the just. And the truth. And in integrity. And in destroying the anti-Founder, anti-Framer, anti-American Dream agenda of the mainstream media, the Democrat leadership, the Ruling Class Republicans, the Union leadership, etc, etc, ad infinitum. So, I’m going to try my hand at fisking the LA Slimes.

Today, the day where Richard Lugar will likely be Primaried out of his 36-year job as a US Senator from Indiana (where he is not legally permitted to vote, since he is not an Indiana resident and hasn’t been for over 30 years), the Los Angeles Times is doing its best to spin the likely Mourdock win over Lugar as a potential win for Democrats. As an aside, albeit a very important one, Karl, who writes for both Patterico’s Pontifications and Hot Air, absolutely destroyed the media-appointed “Conservative” Peggy Noonan. You MUST read it. His entire article reads like a cat playing with a mouse as Karl bats Noonan around for a while before consuming her and looking for a bowl of milk in his final paragraph.

While Lugar deserves credit for his work on issues like nuclear disarmament, he has contributed to the current existential threat and until now displayed no awareness of this. Had he spent more time among Hoosiers, perhaps he would have noticed their discontent. Should he lose today, he will seek solace from his real constituents in the Beltway, who will condemn the excessive partisanship of the Tea Party movement, conveniently forgetting Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) retired in 2010 because the leftwing agenda of a Democratic Congress made getting re-elected too difficult.

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Even when “the past” is less than two years ago.

Alright, aside over. Let’s fisk Lisa Mascaro’s LA Slimes article, shall we?

said a “tea party” victory
Richard Mourdock, a “tea party” favorite
The more the Republicans embrace the ‘tea party’ agenda and its candidates

Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see? Do you know what I know?

It is widely known that the TEA Party movement has four capital letters (but many only use the two capitals at the beginnings of the two words). Lisa Mascaro absolutely refused to use any capitals. This is indeed significant in that the capital letters absolutely signify a matter of importants and significance. Lisa Mascaro seeks to strip that importance and significance from the TEA Party. And she doubles down on her absolute agenda-driven desire to crush the TEA Party in her own puny way by adding “scare quotes” each time she mentions the TEA Party (which she adamantly refuses to capitalize). Show me where the LA Slimes wrote about occupy wall street or “occupy wall street” and not about Occupy Wall Street. Go ahead, google and wiki away. I’ll wait.

What did you find? Anything? Yeah, me neither. Lisa Mascaro didn’t want the TEA Party rendered ungood. She wanted it rendered double plus ungood. And she proved herself a buffoon and a fool in her very loud and proud agenda-driven false “reporting” of the “news” of the day.

One of the Democrats’ top Senate campaign strategists said
The outlook from Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) reflected the growing enthusiasm among Democrats
said Schumer, who led his party to the Senate majority in past election cycles

Top campaign strategists, growing enthusiasm among Democrats, led the party to majority in the past. Did Lisa Mascaro say anything like that about the Republicans she referred to and quoted? Did Lisa Mascaro refer to the historic TEAnami that occurred in 2010, where Democrats lost the House majority in suplex/pile-driver fashion? Nah.

Republicans have dismissed
said Brian Walsh, communications director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee

She couldn’t be bothered with providing proper context, historical context, or facts in her spinnage. She may have her spinnage which adds power to her atrophied brain muscle, but she doesn’t have the spinach of truth. Lies by omission are worse than lies by commission because they’re less detectable. And Lisa is doing her best to spin by deceit and omission and mockery that she can.

Go ahead and read her article and decide for yourself. Is it


You be the judge.

While those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, such as the 2010 elections which saw over 700 Democrat-held seats switch to Republican-held seats mainly due to the TEA Party, those who deceitfully cover up history to prevent people from learning are better off having millstones around their necks and being cast into the deepest of oceans than facing the results of their actions.

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