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More Bad Polling News For Barack Obama

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/12

A new PPP poll (that Legal Insurrection rightly discounts, due to its standard heavy over-sampling of Democrats in all its polls) spells trouble for Obama and the Democrats. In NY-9, Anthony Weiner’s old NYC district, the Republican Turner leads the Democrat Weprin by 6 points. This in a district that has registered Democrats leading registered Republicans 3 to 1.

Ed Morrissey has the internals and even more bad news for Democrats. The poll, which has a sampling of 59 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans, gives Obama a 31/56 approval rating, or 25 points underwater. That’s worse than the national average and in a heavily Democrat district.

But here’s the more troubling news for Democrats:

Either way, running in statistical dead heats with Rick Perry and Mitt Romney in NY-09 is a big sign of trouble for Obama. Even more so is the finding that a district with such a large Democratic advantage would slightly prefer a Republican Congress, 45/44, and have slightly more confidence in Congressional Republicans than Obama on leading America in the right direction, 44/42. Bear in mind that this same sample gave Congressional Republicans a 31/50 approval rating in the question directly preceding the questions about leadership and Congressional control.

PPP concludes that Obama has lost independents, and a significant number of Democrats as well — all of whom will vote with the GOP tomorrow[.]

So NY-9 voters, a heavily Democrat district, disapprove of Obama at higher rates than the national average, disapprove of Congressional Republicans but prefer a Republican Congress over a Democrat Congress and believe the Republican Congress is more likely to lead the US in the right direction than Obama. And apparently, some Democrats in leadership are starting to wake up to the fact Obama will be a drag on the Democrat ticket in November, 2012, but so far they haven’t awakened to the actual reason why. And the longer they refuse to face the actual cause of their downfall, the better it will be for every man, woman, and child in the US as more of them will be voted out in favor of Constitutional Conservatives.

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