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Welcome, @AssemblymanJeff Miller and @WhiteHouse2012 #tcot

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/05

Mere minutes after I welcomed Ted Cruz to my Twitter feed of TBD articles, Assemblyman Jeff Miller of the 71st District of California and WhiteHouse 2012 followed my twitter feed. I welcome both of you to Truth Before Dishonor, and I hope you look around here and like what you see. I also hope you choose to comment on the articles here.

And to you authorized authors here, why aren’t you posting more articles here? And why aren’t you designing your article titles with hashtags to draw attention from Twitter users? It’s a great way to get yourselves heard by the “movers and shakers” and a much more powerful way for your voices to actually make a difference, rather than merely discussing in an “echo chamber”.

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Welcome, @CruzforSenate #tcot #TedCruz #USSenate

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/05

@CruzforSenate is now following my twitter feed, which broadcasts all Truth Before Dishonor articles! Yes, that would be the same Cruz as the Ted Cruz I endorsed some time ago to replace the squish Republican Senator who is retiring from the US Senate after having failed to unseat Governor Rick Perry. That would be the same Ted Cruz who is descended from Cuban immigrants to the US. That would be the same Ted Cruz who learned early in life that the “Progressive” (read Socialist) agenda would be the death of the US. That Ted Cruz campaign has decided to follow my twitter feeds.

This comes on the heels of a Breitbart blogger, Dan Riehl, and others tweeting my old article covering “The Dixiecrat Myth” (found in my side-bar) and declaring it a good article — causing a mini-lanche of over 300 visitors here. My Twitter feed now has members of the Breitbart family of blogs, the Daily Caller, FOX News personalities, and other people with “Names” following it! Yes, that former Senator from Tennessee who you can see in some of the reruns of Law & Order, is also following my Twitter feeds. So is that Sikh woman from South Carolina who just so happens to be the Republican Governor there.

With all those important figures following my Twitter feed of all the TBD articles, why aren’t you?

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#DixiecratMyth Minilanche!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/02/25

So I came home from work this morning and checked my blog’s internal Site Stats, as I usually do. But what I found was abnormal. Prior to 10am, Truth Before Dishonor had already gotten over 270 views! A quick look at the numbers showed me where those views came from and what they were (mainly) viewing. It was my article I wrote May 10, 2011, entitled The Dixiecrat Myth, which can be found prominently linked in my side bar. And the source of those hits? Twitter and FaceBook. And a quick check of Twitter to see who caused those hits (because I’m not skilled enough to do any in-depth searching of that sort) showed links from Adam Baldwin (who sent the link to some well-known people), Dan Riehl, and others.

Thanks, folks, for the shout out! It is very much appreciated.

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