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Serius XM Satellite Radio “70s On 7”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/22

I have Dish Network.
It has Serius XM Satellite Radio. A whole lot of channels of music.

I turned my TV on to the Serius XM Satellite Radio “70s on 7” channel. Oh my, the memories! And the great music!

I could listen to all the great music from 1990 till now on my half hour lunch break, and still have time for quiet, peaceful reflection. Not so with the music coming out of the 1970s. I could spend my entire 12 hour shift listening to only the best of the 1970s and still miss out on massive amounts of great 70s music.

What qualifies as music in the post-modern world of today cannot hold a candle to even the mediocre music that came out of the 1970s.


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The Undefeated To Air In Chicago

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/20

For those in the Chicago area who wish to attend, Conservatives 4 Palin has the pre-order information.

It would be funny if the “tolerant” Liberals would show up to protest the showing of a movie. It would be funnier if the Gene Siskel Film Center wired the outside for sound and broadcast the audio of the movie so the protesters could hear it.

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The Oh So Tolerant Leftists

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/15

Chicago had a Literature Festival. You know, where they celebrate literature and get to buy books on the street and neat-o stuff like that. And a group set up shop ostensibly to push for book banning. What came of it is very telling.

The vote totals, in percentage format, came at the end. And it was very telling. What did these Chicago Literature Festival attendees want banned?

Sarah Palin 38 percent
Glenn Beck 23 percent
Ann Coulter 22 percent
Adolf Hitler 0.5 percent
Michael Moore 0.3 percent
Bill Clinton 0.2 percent
Barack Obama 0.1 percent

Do you see what I see? The oh so tolerant Chicago Leftists wanted to ban three outspoken members of the political Right while giving a pass to the political Left — even giving a pass to Adolf Hitler! As Dean said over at Beers with Demo, “Hey, Chicago-landers, why just merely ban books… wouldn’t book burnings be so much more fun?

I’m sure there would be those on the Left who would say “but not everyone voted to ban books, so your numbers don’t mean anything.” That sounds like a nice, neat argument but it falls on its face. Because the Leftists are constantly talking about how the Right is intolerant and into book bannings and book burnings, those who would actually vote to ban books would be on the Right, wouldn’t they? But those who actually voted to ban books were almost solely on the Left, as proven by the numbers. As I said, when the argument about “not everyone voted to ban” is examined based on the actual results, the argument does more to harm the Leftist’s cause than to help.

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