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This Article Cost Taxpayers 100 Grand

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/27

And you didn’t get anything for it.

Do you want to know a sure-fire way to get the attention of the Federal Government? Let me explain how to do that, and you don’t even have to write them a letter and hope they read it.

Assassination, attack, domestic security, drill, exercise, cops, law enforcement, authorities, disaster assistance.

Disaster management, DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office), national preparedness, mitigation, prevention, response.

Recovery, dirty bomb, emergency management, emergency response, first responder, homeland security, maritime domain awareness (MDA).

National preparedness initiative, militia, shooting, shots fired, evacuation, deaths, hostage, explosion (explosive).

Police, disaster medical assistance team (DMAT), gangs, national security, state of emergency, security, breach.

Threat, standoff, SWAT, screening, lockdown, bomb (squad or threat), crash, looting, riot, emergency landing.

Pipe bomb, incident, facility, HAZMAT, nuclear, chemical spill, suspicious package/device, toxic, national laboratory.

Nuclear facility, nuclear threat, cloud, plume, radiation, radioactive, leak, biological infection (or event).

Chemical, chemical burn, biological, epidemic, hazardous, hazardous material incident, indurstrial spill, infection.

Powder (white), gas, spillover, anthrax, blister agent, chemical agent, exposure, burn, nerve agent, ricin, sarin.

North Korea, outbreak, contamination, exposure, virus, evacuation, bacteria, recall, ebola, food poisoning.

Foot and mouth (FMD), H5N1, avian, flu, salmonella, small pox, plague, human to human, human to animal, influenza.

Center for disease control (CDC), drug administration (FDA), public health, toxic, agro terror, tuberculosis (TB).

Agriculture, listeria, symptoms, mutation, resistant, antiviral, wave, pandemic, infection, water/airborne, sick.

Swine, pork, strain, quarantine, H1N1, vaccine, tamiflu, norvo virus, epidemic, world health organization (WHO) (and components).

Viral hemorrhagic fever, e. coli, infrastructure security, airport, CIKR (critical infrastructure and key resources).

Amtrak, collapse, computer infrastructure, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, national infrastructure.

Metro, WMATA, airplane (and derivatives), chemical fire, subway, smart, blackout brownout, cancelled, delays.

The list is far from all-inclusive. But I just cost US taxpayers a lot of money with this particular article. Just by writing that list of words and publishing them on the internet. Because DHS is looking for those words and others.

How did this article cost taxpayers 100 grand? Granted, that line was a hook, but think about how many redundant times this article just got flagged by DHS computers and how many different people in how many different agencies had to check it out, due to the redundant nature of the hits. How many man hours got spent dealing with this one little article alone.

Do you feel safer yet?


HT Howard Portnoy

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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/16

Are you a Leftist? Do you want to report your neighbor for things he or she said against your Dear Leader? Do you want to help Big Brother track down all the non-compliant people that get in the way of Big Brother? Well, after the untimely death of the Obama administration’s official email, Barack Obama created a new site where you can rat out your evil Conservative neighbors and all those evil Conservatives on the internet. You can register at, which is run out of Obama’s election campaign, and report away. And to help you get started in your civic duties to report thought-crimes, you can just pick up the sites I’ve already listed in my sidebar under Race Traitors and Self-Proclaimed Right Wing Extremist™ Blogs. Also, don’t forget to go on Twitter and use the hashtag #AttackWatch to report the cat lady for not being a dog lady.

While you’re at it, report Hot Air and Patterico’s Pontifications.

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