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Newsweek, Anthony Pellicano, Anita Busch

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/09

Anthony Pellicano
Anita Busch
Bert Fields
Sylvester Stallone
Garry Shandling
Nicole Kidman
Michael Ovitz
Ron Meyer
Brad Grey
Steven Seagal
Alexander Proctor
Chuck Phillips
Christine Pelisek

How are those names related? As you think on that, let me add another list.

Los Angeles Times
Universal Studios

Any clues yet? How about I add some more.

Louisville Slugger
computerized phone-hacking system
dead fish
criminal threatening
vandalizing private property

Got how they’re all interconnected yet? Go on over to Patterico’s Pontifications to read about it.

Attention Newsweak: When someone is convicted of a crime, that person is no longer an alleged criminal. That person is a convicted criminal — a convict.

To Anita Busch: You’re most definitely very much a Liberal journalist. You and this site will disagree vehemently on just about every issue. Just about. Know this: Truth Before Dishonor is fully in your corner, without reservation, on this one.

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