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NARAL Decides To Invite Pro-Aborts To Upload Pics To Flickr

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/26

And a strange thing happened. As of right now, there are over 39,000 pics. And almost all of them are Pro-Life! Earlier in the day, a member of the pro-abort NARAL checked in on the site and found such a huge wave of Pro-Life all over their Flickr page and started deleting left and lefter, but couldn’t keep up.

Kathleen Gilbert of Life Site News has the story.

What’s that, NARAL? Put a face to the debate, you say? You got it!

Update 4: Victory: Pro-lifers officially took over NARAL’s Flickr photostream at about 4:30 pm, when the entire first page was pro-life – except one somewhat dowdy pic of a pro-abort guy for appropriate contrast. Since then, the musket shot has changed to cannon fire, with the whole page fluctuating in a push-and-pull of pro-life and pro-choice. (Full page image here.)

The Law of Unintended Consequences in full force. I’m sure sometime tomorrow, the whole thing will be torn down (because pic-by-pic deletion is far too inefficient). But here are some pics that were posted there.

As I said, there were over 39,000 pics, nearly all Pro-Life at the time of this posting, and many had already been removed so the totals would have been well over 40,000. I doubt the Flickr page stays up for long.

As of 2055 today, those over 39,000 pics have been reduced to 2,304 pics, or less than 6 percent of last night’s total when I checked it last. Remember, NARAL had already done an afternoon purge earlier, so what remains is clearly less than 5 percent of the total actual pics. I have read that NARAL re-worked their submission process, requiring submissions go to a different address where a screening process took place (Imagine a hate group like NARAL forgetting to have a screening process.) and a couple other steps were added. I don’t know if NARAL did a complete purge or just went through and eliminated only the Pro-Life pics (like the ones in this article I found on their site), but, given the very low percentage of pics today compared to pics last night (after a previous purge), it would actually look better for NARAL’s numbers if they did do a complete purge first. I mean, after at least two different purges of Pro-Life pics, less than 1 in 20 pics survived? It would look better if NARAL claimed to have done a total purge and “reset button” on their Flickr page, whether that’s what they did or no.

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