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Mia Love Uses White Child Slave Labor!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/18

What better way for a white person born over a century after slavery was abolished to pay reparations to a black woman born roughly a century after slavery was abolished than to perform slave labor for that black woman?

From Mia Love:

Look at all those young men with “fun bags” (according to Pennsylvania Legislator Babette Josephs, D – Phila)!!!

By the way, normal people call them “responsible, politically astute young adults”. We all know Leftists have all manner of different terms for them, many of which would not survive the moderation filter here at Truth Before Dishonor.

Also note: Truth Before Dishonor officially endorsed Mayor Mia Love for Congress many months ago, prior to her winning her Primary in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.

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The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/17

The 36-year Indiana US Senator who hasn’t lived in Indiana in 36 years lost to a Conservative grass-roots supported challenger.
The Establishment candidate in the Cornhusker State lost to a TEA Party supported challenger.
Orrin Hatch, the lifetime member of the US Senate out of Utah, could not garner enough Establishment support in the Caucus to defeat his grass-roots Conservative opponent and must now face that opponent in a grass-roots Primary.
After spending tens of millions of dollars per year for each of 2010, 2011, 2012, the Democrat-loved Socialist Union thug campaign up in Wisconsin is headed for another resouding defeat, wiping out multiple tens of millions of dollars they could have had available to fight in other, more winnable, places.
Ted Cruz is looking like he’ll defeat his Establishment opponent (who’s busily lying about Ted Cruz’s record).

The US Senate will, without doubt, be far more Republican than it now is.
The Republican wing of the US Senate will, without doubt, be far more Conservative than it now is.
The Republican wing of the US House will, without doubt, be more Conservative than it now is.

Democrats and Ruling Class Republicans alike (sorry for that redundancy, folks) will be crying in their beers (and forsaking their Ted Kennedy waitress sandwiches) come the day after the November elections.

But for the US overall, The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.

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Ohio Democrats To Dennis Kucinich: You’re Done Here

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/07

While everyone is interested in the Super Tuesday Republican Primaries, something else happened. Dennis Kucinich lost his re-election bid in the Democrat Primaries in Ohio to Marcy Kaptur. Democrats love to tout Obama’s “landslide” victory in 2008, where he received less than 53 percent of the popular vote to McCain’s over 45 percent of the popular vote. To those Democrats, I say Dennis Kucinich was a landslide, avalanche, then landslide loser on Super Tuesday. He got 41 percent of the vote in a three person race, while the winner, Marcy Kaptur, won 55 percent of the vote in a greater landslide win than Obama’s supposed landslide. Blubonnet, a Washington native who believes nearly all the conspiracy theories (such as George Bush blew up the WTC and fire doesn’t melt steel), had declared Kucinich to be her choice for President on many occasions over at CSPT.

Kucinich has spent money on internet ads that can even occasionally be seen on the Conservative/Libertarian Hot Air site, trying to overcome the properly decided Citizens United SCOTUS decision. He’s one of the furthest Left in Congress, and, unless he does some real fishy business, he’s out. Kucinich won Cuyahoga County, which is Cleveland (a Leftist city which has been busily shedding population since the 1950s due to the flight from the results of Liberal rule, losing well over half its population while the US doubled in population during the same time-frame), but he lost in the other four counties in his newly redrawn district (as a result of the 2010 Census and Ohio losing two districts). So, as far as Ohio is concerned, Kucinich is over. But that still leaves Washington State, where I previously wrote (but cannot currently find) Kucinich was seriously considering so he can remain in the US Congress (so much for representing the people where he lives). Cleveland Scene Magazine notes that the filing date in Washington State is not until May 18, so Kucinich could still flee Ohio, which has lost two seats, and file for election in Washington State, which has gained a seat, and run in a second Democrat Primary for Congress. The question remains how interested in advancing issues Ohioans want is Kucinich? And the corollary: How much does Kucinich want the power that goes with being a career Congresscritter, regardless of the wishes of the people he supposedly represents? And a second corollary: Since the people Kucinich supposedly represents resoundlingly rejected him, will he go find new people to accept him so he can keep his power, beholden to none of “We the People”?

Now that the Socialist Dennis Kucinich lost his bid to represent We the People, the question remains whether he’s there for the power or for the intent the Founders and Framers laid out.

Side note:
“Joe the Plumber” won the Republican Primary, when people didn’t know whether he’d face the Socialist Dennis Kucinich or the Leftist Marcy Kaptur. So “Joe the Plumber” will face Marcy Kaptur in the 2012 General, in a very solidly Democrat district.

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Mia Love For Congress (Utah 4th District)

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/01/10

Truth Before Dishonor Officially Endorses Mia Love For US House Of Representatives (UT-4)

Mia Love is a gun-totin (concealed carry) TEA Party Constitutional Conservative. Her Issues Page runs through a very wide array of issues and her TEA Party Common Sense Constitutional Conservative stance on each and every one.

She wants to take power away from the bloated Central Government and return it to We the People, as the Founders and Framers set forth. She has a track record of reducing taxes and cutting spending (not just reducing the rate of growth), causing her city — in her position as the mayor — to improve its credit rating. What’s not to like? (HT Hot Air)

From Mia Love’s September 12, 2011 guest article at The Daily Caller, entitled CBC members stop demonizing tea partiers:

The principles reflected in the tea party are not at odds with the values of black Americans. You don’t have to be white — or black, or Hispanic, or Asian, or anything else — to care about the important issues facing our nation. My priorities of fiscal discipline, personal responsibility and smaller government draw upon my own experience as an American.

My parents immigrated to this country from Haiti with nothing but a strong family and a solid work ethic. My father, who took two jobs to help pay for my education, was a living example of personal responsibility. He is proud to say he didn’t take a handout. When I graduated from college, my father told me, “You will not be a burden to society. You will give back.”

We can no longer afford to keep spending money on programs that aren’t working. Trimming government and getting it out of the way of economic recovery is the best way to create jobs and wealth that enable people to pull themselves out of poverty.

Again, what’s not to like?

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Obama “Jobs” Bill Fails Sniff Test With Senate Democrats

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/14

That’s right, folks, the Leftist slush fund and class warfare pandering bill Obama introduced and is touting is getting blasted by Senate Democrats who don’t have to worry about the 2012 elections. Let me say that again. Senate Democrats who don’t have to worry about getting their electorate to vote for them are saying “no” to Barack Obama.

Ed Morrissey quotes Pollutico (and since I don’t link to Pollutico, you’ll have to follow the link to the Hot Air story to find the Pollutico link):

As he demands Congress quickly approve his ambitious proposal aimed at reviving the sagging economy, many Democrats on Capitol Hill appear far from sold that the president has the right antidote to spur major job growth and turn around their party’s political fortunes.

“Terrible,” Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) told POLITICO when asked about the president’s ideas for how to pay for the $450 billion price tag. “We shouldn’t increase taxes on ordinary income. … There are other ways to get there.”

“That offset is not going to fly, and he should know that,” said Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu from the energy-producing Louisiana, referring to Obama’s elimination of oil and gas subsidies. “Maybe it’s just for his election, which I hope isn’t the case.”

“I think the best jobs bill that can be passed is a comprehensive long-term deficit-reduction plan,” said Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), discussing proposals to slash the debt by $4 trillion by overhauling entitlement programs and raising revenue through tax reforms. “That’s better than everything else the president is talking about — combined.”

And those are just the moderates in the party. Some liberals also have concerns.

Let’s be perfectly clear, shall we? Barack Obama never expected his “jobs” bill to ever get through the Republican-controlled House. In fact, Obama depended on it not getting through the House, so he could continue to blame the “obstructionist” Republicans for his abysmal failure. But a funny thing happened on the way to his deceitful campaign propaganda. Sane Democrats stood up to loudly reject his radical Leftist agenda.

This bodes well for Republicans and the US for the 2012 elections and the direction of the nation. But it also bodes well long-term.

Like a song sung simultaneously with two opposing sets of lyrics, Obama’s agenda and speeches and actions, when combined with the TEA Party movement’s agenda and actions, makes for beautiful music. Obama’s complete radicalization is being rejected even by Democrats and the Ruling Class Republicans’ spineless ever leftward shifting “go along, get along” garbage is being rejected by We the People. And the nation begins to recover and heal.

Contrary to the Democrat leadership and the mainstream media (same thing), the Republicans have not been shifting ever rightward since Reagan. Rather, it’s the Democrat Party that has been radicalizing since the JFK days. This is not your daddy’s Democrat Party. It is something completely alien, something completely radicalized.

Reagan moved the Republicans to the right, closer to where they should’ve been and once were. But then came George H W Bush, who rejected the Conservative Reagan Republican Caucus (while simultaneously coat-tailing it into the White House). Reagan’s shifting of the Republican Party to the right and the powerful electoral victories pushed the Democrat Party to the left as conservative Democrats migrated to the Republican Party. But as the elder Bush and the Statist Republicans worked to retake control of the Republican Party and shift it leftward again, the Republicans lost strength in Congress and lost the White House. And the Democrats continued their leftward shift.

Bill Clinton’s overreach caused the Republican wave of 1994 as once again the Republican Party shifted to the right, but not as far to the right as during Reagan. And many moderate Democrats switched over to the Republican Party. The combination of historic electoral losses and sizable numbers of defections caused the Democrat Party to lurch leftward. But the Ruling Class Republicans refused to take advantage.

George W Bush, with major help from Karl Rove, worked tirelessly to dismantle the remnants of the Reagan Republican Caucus as, once again, the Republican Party jumped to the left to fill in the void left by the leftward-lurching Democrats. And George W Bush cost the Republicans many seats in Congress during his tenure as a result. As ever consistent, the Democrat leadership continued its radicalization of the Democrat Party.

Enter 2008, with the most radical Leftist to ever win a major party nomination becoming President. And the radicalization of the Congress accelerated to new extremes. Suddenly, the people stood up and shouted “NO MORE!!” But the radical Leftists Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Rahm Emanuel and the rest of the Democrat leadership refused to listen to the people. Many of the radical Leftist Democrat leadership even mocked the people.

And 2010 happened, with the most sweeping rejection of Democrats at the polls since the 1930s. Unlike the 1994 Republican wave, where Bill Clinton changed course and co-opted Republican agenda items for himself, Barack Obama and the radicalized Democrat leadership continued on in its radical Left agenda. So, unlike 1996, where the people thought the Democrats were sane, the build-up to 2012 is seeing continued decay in the Democrat Party and continued outcry from the people and a continued growth in Conservatism in the US.

What do I see for the 2012 election? I see further big gains for Conservatives and Republicans. I see a further weakening of the Ruling Class Republicans within the Republican Caucus. I see a much further radicalization of the Democrat leadership as even more left of center Democrats lose elections, leaving, for the most part, only the most radical of Leftist Democrats in office. And I see the US healing from the wounds caused by the radical Left.

But beyond 2012 is the real question. As the NY-9 special election showed, where Bob Turner’s campaign was directed at sending Barack Obama a message, a great many Democrat voters are beginning to see their Democrat Party radicalized and are beginning to reject it. The question, after 2012, is will the Democrat everyman retake control of the party from the radicals running it into the ground, or will the Democrat Party become ever further radicalized into Socialism and thus relegated to a permanent minority party as the Republicans were for over 50 years of the 20th century? I would like to think the saner Democrats would wrest control of their party away from the radicals in charge now. But time will tell.

Regardless, Obama/Reid/Pelosi have done a great service to the country. They have awakened the country to the extreme radicalization of the Democrat party and the extreme radical agenda being pushed down the people’s throats in direct opposition to the people’s wishes. They have also awakened the country to the destruction caused by the Ruling Class Republicans. Sometimes, a body needs a good swift Gibbs head-slap to realize the dangers of current events, and that’s exactly what Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz have done.

The future is indeed bright for the country.

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Obama Polling Crash Adds To 2012 Perfect Storm

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/09/08

I previously reported on Obama’s record low polling in the NBC/Wall Street Journal and ABC/Washington Post polls, and dug into the NBC/WSJ poll to show the demographics favoring Obama and the Democrats, which meant Obama’s record underwater level was actually worse than the poll showed. Last night’s Hot Air Quotes of the Day just added to the devastating polling details.

The most recent Gallup poll, which also showed record low, underwater polling for Obama, has major bad news for the Democrats. Gallup’s month-to-month ratings showed Obama reaching new record lows in August among overall at 41 percent, Hispanics at 48 percent, and Whites at 33 percent, while tying his record low among Blacks at 84 percent.

While the Black approval rating has only dropped 8 points from its high of 92 in February 2009, the decline among Hispanics and Whites has been precipitous, with the Hispanic approval dropping 27 points from its February 2009 rating of 75 and 34 points from its high of 82 later in 2009, and White approval dropping 25 points from its February 2009 approval high of 58. What does this mean for Obama, and more importantly, for Democrats overall? In short, it means trouble and in a major way.

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