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Advice For The National Education Association

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/03

Mike Antonucci has an article entitled NEA Convention 2012: America’s Greatest Education Governor Not So Great at Math. You should read it. In fact, it’s part of a series on the NEA Convention this year. You should read the whole series.

It seems the NEA eliminated ten manager positions, and the delegates wanted to change that situation but got shot down. (A violent, gun-related term relating to a school-related group? Am I in trouble with the Thought Police?)

NBI 10 revealed that 10 NEA managers had been notified by telephone that their positions were being eliminated, but the effort to address it was ruled out of order. NEA president Van Roekel cited the by-law that gives the union’s executive director exclusive responsibility over staff matters.

What is that? A totalitarian, top-down, fascist rule within the NEA? Where have I heard of that sort of thing before? Oh yeah. Here’s my free advice to the officers and delegates of the National Education Association: You all should Unionize! And then you all should strike the NEA, demanding job security and a change in the NEA bylaws to strip the tippy top of his tyrannical totalitarian authoriteh!!! And you should do it right now!!!

But on a serious note, a NBI (new business item) wanted the NEA to declare itself opposed to any military action against Iran. Nevermind how mindlessly foolish such a stance would be. At least the delegates had the good sense to vote not to consider the proposal. But here’s the nub of it: Jobs within the NEA are out of order for discussion while foreign policy is not out of order for the National Education Association to consider. Foreign policy is none of the business of an organization dedicated to education, but jobs within the organization is the business of the organization.

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