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How Did The Weimar Republic Collapse?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/11/07

Weimar Germany had an economic crisis.
The Germans elected a bunch of politicians who scapegoated large groups of Germans, pitting Germans against each other.
German political leaders turned their backs on their Constitution, and the German people followed along, like sheep, out of a sense of expediency and crisis.
Free Germany then collapsed into a totalitarian state, which soon crumbled into total devastation, but only after tens of millions of lives were lost.

We are repeating history. But this time, there’s no gleaming beacon on the hill to come to the rescue. We are the last bastion of Freedom left in the world. And We The People are willfully letting that freedom vanish.


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Grand Rapids Shows Off

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/01

Do read Allahpundit’s back story (with links). Grand Rapids is one of those big cities that has been rapidly shedding population, but the people of Grand Rapids showed some serious hometown spirit. At least I think they did, darn fan was kicking up dust particles while I was watching the video.

As Allahpundit said, this 10-minute video with 5000 people was done in a single take.

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An 80 Year Old Rap War

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/29

I don’t really enjoy rap music and I don’t really enjoy poetry, but I just found some poetry that reminded me of the movie 8 Mile. (I believe that’s the movie, the one where nimnimnim is in. My daughter would know.) The movie shows a series of verbal beat-downs set to “music.” The winner is the one who did the best beat-down.

Thanks to Foxfier’s shared RSS feed, I found an article over at Uncommon Descent I enjoyed. O’Leary talked about a rap war that began in 1915 and ended in 1933. He gave a newsreel account of the war and then linked to it so everyone could go back in time to watch the war take place.

Charles Darwin’s grand-daughter started the war in 1915 and GK Chesterton ended it in 1933. It’s a great watch.

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