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The Long Road Home

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/06/05

There’s a saying: “You can’t go home again.” Yorkshire wrote about the emotionalist without convictions from the Old Country who found she couldn’t go home again. The resident fifty-dollar-wordsmith (he’s very good with his fifty dollar words) wrote about how the emotionalist emotionalizer tried to rationalize her rationalizations (I’ll leave the big words to the one who is so good with them, heh). Well, my daughter went home again, after 5.5 years in the Army and 15 months in Iraq. And she agrees, you can never really go home again. Everything has changed. Or, like she said, it’s not that everything has changed necessarily, especially in hick-town fly-over country. Sometimes everything has, indeed, changed. Sometimes, it’s that nothing has changed, except for the one who is trying to return. In my daughter’s case, she had changed dramatically and she returned to find everyone she knew from home to be in their same ruts. Floyd still sat in front of the barber shop with next to no customers. Barney still kept his lone bullet in his shirt pocket. Otis was still a drunk. But Laura… Laura had life experiences that forced her to be a different person and made her Rockwell portrait of our hometown completely out of place with reality.

I’m home again. More accurately, I’m in my daughter’s house, having no home of my own. I pay her rent to be able to claim this as my home. But don’t feel too bad for me. I live in my truck. And I’m satisfied with that, for now. See, I have a plan, and that plan requires me to be on the road as much as is possible.

Since March 15, 2013, I had spent a total of 62 hours in my hometown: 30 hours once, 20 hours another time, and 12 hours the third time home. That is, until yesterday. I’m spending yesterday, today, tomorrow at home, leaving out Saturday morning. And I’m really only home now in order to complete an application for a US Passport. I’m just extending my stay, and losing money while doing it.

It costs me about 800 dollars a week to keep up with my truck, if I don’t turn the key to the ignition. So, it’s best that I keep my truck rolling. And my plans of owning a fleet and semi-retiring early require that I keep rolling and maximizing my earnings potential. And that’s what I have been doing.

I leased my truck on June 1, 2013. Since then, I have traveled just over 260,000 miles in my truck and purchased just under 34,000 gallons of fuel, all while training tomorrow’s truck drivers today. I voluntarily stayed on the road for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, etc, etc. More miles, longer trips, quicker re-loads mean maximized profitability. And means a better opportunity to quit driving altogether more quickly, which is my ultimate goal: I sit at the house and let other drivers make me money. How anti-socialist of me. How American Dream of me. How “corporate shill” (something some clown socialist on Hot Air called me) of this “corporate owner”.

Truth be told, I’m one of the laziest people you will ever meet. And constantly running, constantly rolling, never going home is the ultimate in lazy. It means I can sooner quit working and still living the good life.

But yeah, this retirement community masquerading as a small city is more undesirable that I’ve been gone so much and so long. It feels dreary, too tightly squeezed (after driving across west Texas, west Nebraska, Wyoming, etc), too je ne sais quoi. I spent over 44 years in this town, but it doesn’t feel like home.

It may be emotionalist, and I’m much more into logical than emotionalist, but there it is. I came back, but I’m not home. It just doesn’t have the home feel. The cab and sleeper of my truck has more of a home feel than this place.

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Even More Bad Polling News For Obama

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/09

Late last night (cross-posted on The First Street Journal), I posted the very bad national polling news for Obama from Pew and Gallup and the bad polling news for Michigan and Pennsylvania. Today, we have even more bad polling news for Obama.

Daily Kos commissioned PPP (I know, I know, a nutball site commissioning a Leftist agenda-driven polling service) to poll the nation, and found Obama trailing Romney by two points. (Link to Hot Air, so it’s safe to click. Ed Morrissey links to DKos.) It’s a 6-point loss for Obama in a week in this poll. And then there’s the skewing:

The sample is a D+3, which is on its own a reasonable model for the turnout in four weeks, but the D/R/I is 40/37/23. That significantly undersamples independents, which becomes an issue when one sees how independents break out in the election. Romney has a six-point lead among independents, 48/42, and that low number for Obama will become a real problem in four weeks, as late deciders usually break hard for the challenger and away from the incumbent. Independents disapprove of Obama’s job performance by a wide margin, 34/55 (he’s at 43/53 in the overall survey), and the Democratic Party doesn’t fare well among indies either, with a 33/50 approval rating — which is, to be fair, about identical to how they view the GOP, too (33/51). By an even wider margin, likely independent voters believe the country is on the “wrong track,” 29/62. Those are not re-elect numbers for an incumbent who won independents by eight points in 2008.

Obama is completely collapsing among independent voters. And the severe undersample of independents requires a warning label: WARNING: Democrats in this mirror appear closer than they are.

Rasmussen’s swing state poll, covering eleven states Obama won, shows Obama losing 8 points in 5 days. As Ed Morrissey explains:

The tracking poll dropped the results from last Monday and added yesterday’s results. That is what produced the five-point swing, and it suggests that stronger results might be on the way, as the last two pre-debate results will drop out tomorrow and Wednesday. Obama had led in this tracking poll by as much as six points on October 1st and 4th, the latter the day after the debate and the last day with no debate-driven results. Obama’s lead went from 6 to 5, then to 3 and a few days at 2 before today’s reversal.

The states covered?

The full Swing State tracking update offers Rasmussen Reader subscribers a combined view of the results from 11 key states won by President Obama in 2008 and thought to be competitive in 2012. The states collectively hold 146 Electoral College votes and include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Ed Morrissey reports on a heavily skewed Ohio poll that is even more bad news for Obama:

A new ARG poll shows Romney now leading Obama in Ohio, 48/47 — even with a D+9 sample. The D/R/I in this poll is 42/33/25; the 2008 election was 39/31/30; in 2010, it was 36/37/28. Among independents, Romney leads by 20 points, 57/37; Obama won them by 8 in Ohio in 2008, 52/44. I would assume that a proper balance that included more independents would extend Romney’s lead significantly.

That’s a 28-point Obama loss among independents in bellwether Ohio. Obama is trailing Romney by 1 in a poll that grossly oversamples Democrats and grossly undersamples Independents. A more accurate sampling of Ohio would have Obama trailing by several more points. And for the record, I spent 44 years of my life in Ohio. And I know, from my vast experience in Ohio, that Obama will not have the historically outsized Democrat-percentage turnout he garnered in 2008. It is not going to happen, folks.

The wheels on the Obama bus are falling off, which is karmic justice considering how many bodies those wheels have crushed over the last four years.

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Look Out, Ohio: Obama Up By Five

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/09/10

That is, if you believe the notoriously partisan polling firm. And the notoriously partisan polling firm gets linked and quoted a lot, with a great many on the Left holding it as gospel. This notoriously partisan polling firm which the Left love has stated that Obama leads Romney by 5 in Ohio.

Professor Jacobson has asked why Conservatives even bother talking about Progressive Party Pollers (also known as Public Policy Polling or PPP) due to their notorious shady poll weighting. My answer to that question is in the lines of “you know the Left is in trouble when even they say it”. But this is not the case. Not this time. I previously noted PPP’s heavy weighting of its polls for Democrats in stark contrast to reality. Well, they’re doing it again.

The point about independents gets to the heart of the issue with this poll. The sample (pdf) has a D/R/I split of 41/37/22. The 37% that Republicans get in this survey matches their 2010 midterm turnout, which had a D/R/I of 36/37/28. The 41% for Democrats significantly exceeds that turnout, and also exceeds the 2008 election’s 39/31/30 exit polling that produced the five-point margin of Obama victory in the election.

There is a reason Ohio is a multi-generational Bellwether state. It’s because Ohio tends to have three-way parity in its voter turnout. But PPP is reporting out its polling as if Ohio were a Leftist bastion. And everyone who knows Ohio like I do, having lived there for 44 years, knows Ohio is nowhere near as Democrat as PPP claims. At all. Ohio will be less Democrat this year than four years ago. You can bank on that.

In 2008, Obama won Ohio by 5 points (just like this current PPP poll says he leads now). Obama also won the very large independent vote by 8 points. While PPP allows that Romney leads Independents by 2 points (a 10-point swing against Obama), PPP claims Obama maintains the same 5 point edge overall. Why? Because, while Republicans have a higher voter registration percentage today than in 2010 and Democrats have a lower voter registration percentage today than in 2008, Democrats will have 2 points more representation this election year than in 2008, despite the fact that opinion on Obama has tanked, despite the fact of the Conservative wave after wave after wave sweeping the country, despite all reality. And Independents will have 10 points fewer representation — in an Independent-heavy state — than in 2008.

If Independents have indeed swung 10 points away from Obama as PPP suggests (and who can believe even that after PPP proved themselves in the tank for the Democrat position?), then all is well in Ohio and November will see Obama lose that important state.

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Ohio Democrats To Dennis Kucinich: You’re Done Here

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/07

While everyone is interested in the Super Tuesday Republican Primaries, something else happened. Dennis Kucinich lost his re-election bid in the Democrat Primaries in Ohio to Marcy Kaptur. Democrats love to tout Obama’s “landslide” victory in 2008, where he received less than 53 percent of the popular vote to McCain’s over 45 percent of the popular vote. To those Democrats, I say Dennis Kucinich was a landslide, avalanche, then landslide loser on Super Tuesday. He got 41 percent of the vote in a three person race, while the winner, Marcy Kaptur, won 55 percent of the vote in a greater landslide win than Obama’s supposed landslide. Blubonnet, a Washington native who believes nearly all the conspiracy theories (such as George Bush blew up the WTC and fire doesn’t melt steel), had declared Kucinich to be her choice for President on many occasions over at CSPT.

Kucinich has spent money on internet ads that can even occasionally be seen on the Conservative/Libertarian Hot Air site, trying to overcome the properly decided Citizens United SCOTUS decision. He’s one of the furthest Left in Congress, and, unless he does some real fishy business, he’s out. Kucinich won Cuyahoga County, which is Cleveland (a Leftist city which has been busily shedding population since the 1950s due to the flight from the results of Liberal rule, losing well over half its population while the US doubled in population during the same time-frame), but he lost in the other four counties in his newly redrawn district (as a result of the 2010 Census and Ohio losing two districts). So, as far as Ohio is concerned, Kucinich is over. But that still leaves Washington State, where I previously wrote (but cannot currently find) Kucinich was seriously considering so he can remain in the US Congress (so much for representing the people where he lives). Cleveland Scene Magazine notes that the filing date in Washington State is not until May 18, so Kucinich could still flee Ohio, which has lost two seats, and file for election in Washington State, which has gained a seat, and run in a second Democrat Primary for Congress. The question remains how interested in advancing issues Ohioans want is Kucinich? And the corollary: How much does Kucinich want the power that goes with being a career Congresscritter, regardless of the wishes of the people he supposedly represents? And a second corollary: Since the people Kucinich supposedly represents resoundlingly rejected him, will he go find new people to accept him so he can keep his power, beholden to none of “We the People”?

Now that the Socialist Dennis Kucinich lost his bid to represent We the People, the question remains whether he’s there for the power or for the intent the Founders and Framers laid out.

Side note:
“Joe the Plumber” won the Republican Primary, when people didn’t know whether he’d face the Socialist Dennis Kucinich or the Leftist Marcy Kaptur. So “Joe the Plumber” will face Marcy Kaptur in the 2012 General, in a very solidly Democrat district.

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Ohio Issue 2 And Issue 3 Voting Is Today

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/11/08

In Ohio, voters will decide on statewide ballot issues. Issue 2, if passed, “would permit workers to negotiate on wages but not on pensions or health care benefits. It also bans public-worker strikes, scraps binding arbitration and eliminates annual pay raises for teachers.” And Issue 3, if passed, would add an amendment to the Ohio Constitution making it unconstitutional to require a person buy health insurance or prevent a person from buying health insurance of his or her choice or penalize a person for the health insurance purchased. In short, it’s the anti-ObamaCare, anti-RomneyCare Constitutional Amendment.

The polls close at 7:30pm local time, and then the counting.

As of 8:00pm local time, Issue 2 is 34 percent yes, 66 percent no, with 5 of 9522 precincts reporting. Issue 3 is 58 percent yes, 42 percent no.

As of 8:12pm local time, Issue 2 stands at 33 percent yes, 67 percent no, with 8 precincts reporting. Issue 3 stands at 59 percent yes, 41 percent no, with 7 precincts reporting.

As of 8:24pm local time, Issue 2 remains at 33 percent yes, 67 percent no, with 124 of 9522 precincts reporting. Issue 3 stands at 61 percent yes, 39 percent no.

As of 8:34pm local time, Issue 2 stands at 36 yes to 64 no, with 340 of 9522 precincts reporting. Issue 3 stands at 63 yes to 37 no, with 314 precincts reporting.

As of 8:46pm local time, Issue 2 remains at 36 yes to 64 no, with 636 of 9522 precincts reporting, the no votes holding a 163,000-vote advantage. Issue 3 stands at 63 yes to 37 no, with 629 precincts reporting, the yes votes holding a 148,000-vote advantage.

As of 9:16pm local time, AP has called Issue 2 no. The voting stands at 37 percent yes to 63 percent no, with 1792 of 9522 precincts reporting, for a 243,000 vote advantage. Issue 3 is 65 yes to 35 no, with 1774 precincts reporting, for a 284,000 vote advantage but AP has not called it yet.

As of 9:37pm local time, Issue 2 stands at 38 percent yes to 62 percent no, with 2769 of 9522 precincts reporting. No holds a 310,000 vote advantage. AP has called Issue 3 yes. The voting stands at 66 percent yes to 34 percent no, with 2742 precincts reporting. Yes holds a 390,000 vote advantage.

Remember, Issue 3 is the anti-ObamaCare, anti-RomneyCare Ohio Constitutional Amendment. Candidates running on a pro-ObamneyCare position will not like Ohio very much.

As of 9:54pm local time, Issue 2 stands at 38 percent yes to 62 percent no, with 3549 precincts reporting. Issue 3 stands at 66 percent yes to 34 percent no, with 3519 precincts reporting.

As of 10:23pm local time, Issue 2 stands at 38 yes to 62 no, with 6,280 of 9,522 precincts reporting. No holds a 556,000 vote lead. Issue 3 stands at 66 yes to 34 no. Yes holds a 724,000 vote lead.

As of 11:01pm local time, Issue 2 is 39 yes to 61 no, with 8105 precincts reporting. The vote totals currently stand at:
Yes 1,163,473
No 1,851,829

Issue 3 is 66 yes to 34 no, with 8078 precincts reporting. The vote totals currently stand at:
Yes 1,921,725
No 994,083

As of 11:34pm local time, Issue 2 is 39 yes to 61 no, with 8825 of 9522 precincts reporting. Issue 3 is 66 yes to 34 no, with 8781 precincts reporting.

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“Gov. Kasich responds to President Obama on SB 5”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/01

Now, that’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen.

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A Rifqa Bary Update

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/04

The Jawa Report has the skinny on Rifqa’s situation. Included is a letter from her Florida attorney. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel but she’s not out of the woods yet (to mix metaphors). She still needs prayer and she has asked for donations. If you can find it in you, send up your prayers and send out your charity for a young lady in need of both.

Rifqa’s parents are represented by CAIR, the unindicted co-conspirator in a money-funneling scheme to benefit Islamo-terrorists abroad.

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John Kasich Responds To The State Of The State Address

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/27

I endorsed Mr Kasich already. I support all he says in this video.

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