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Culture War on a Shoe String Budget

Posted by Foxfier on 2013/01/06

Over at the blog of the author, Sarah Hoyt, there’s a very good post.

I was going to try to use the theme to combine with some conversations from over at, but then she went and put what I would’ve been pointing at into its own paragraph:

Both of these endeavors will change your perception and you’ll find yourself huffing at sitcoms you used to enjoy.   This is good.  Most of the politics are snuck into stuff like that (hence the directive that came down for more plots about healthcare in sitcoms and episodic dramas) and if you’re not aware of them they’ll insidiously color the way you see the world.  It’s brilliant to sneak them into entertainment because if you complain, you’re a sour puss.  But at this point they’re not even subtle, and you’ll start seeing them if you look: cardboard “conservative” characters who are anything but and who can’t defend their positions.  “Dangerous” tea partiers.  Liberating yourself through having indiscriminate sex and stuff.  The government as a fount of goodness.  It’s all there.  And it’s there on purpose.

There’s more, some general stuff on how the polite refusal to inject politics into everything puts us at a bit of a disadvantage, and it’s quite worth reading.  Now, on to my comments:

She’s right.  My husband is a lot more easy going than I am, but we both can’t watch some shows because of the obvious agenda involved.  Recognizing it isn’t just about paying attention or such– we had a rather long argument with my mother over a TV show that opened with a guy being shot inside his house by a SWAT team called in for a false hostage situation. (Before SWATting got big.)  The show, and the woman who taught me to not trust the story that the news presented, held the SWAT team (personified by the leader) responsible.  TrueBlue and I held those who certified that it was a hostage situation on an anonymous call from a random number as being responsible– there wasn’t any way for the guys who’d been told they were going in to a known hostage situation to know that the guy charging them with a kitchen knife was righteously defending his house.  The guy risking their lives had to be at fault, while the paper-pushers that actually created the entire situation had to be blameless– not even faceless, but as natural a thing as the sun rising, and as unquestioned.  Something goes wrong?  It’s the fault of those uniformed Authority Figure guys. (Who all incidentally looked military.)

Stories set up the way we see the world.


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Where Are The Artists?

Posted by Foxfier on 2012/10/15

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of folks lamenting how modern art (especially Modern Art) doesn’t have anything to compare to, oh, the great cathedrals of Europe—according to some, doesn’t even have a decently sized mural.  Usually comes with a lot of talk of how soul-killing Walmart and their sort are, but not always.

Besides the obvious opportunity to plug folks like Tim Jones, I think they’re simply not looking right.


Depending on your taste in music, you might want to mute this.  Depends on how closely you want to watch.  Either way, maximize this video, and pay attention to things like the flow of the cloth vs fur vs hair, and even how the Asura’s ears move.  Notice the background detail, from a game that was still in testing and development at the time.  Notice the way that light makes a difference.

Guild Wars 2 isn’t a top-of-the-line game, although it is fairly new and well designed.

There’s a part of the game where players go around looking for "vistas"– when you reach the vista point, you activate it, and see… well:


The person that made this video had their settings up a bit high, you can tell from the slight hesitations in the visual flow, but look at the detail, and how lovely most of them are.

We still have artists, lots of them.  And they’re being paid for their work.  It’s just not displayed in the form of buildings, or windows, or even on walls; it’s more likely to show up on your computer’s wallpaper.

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Would You Abort This?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/17

When is a human not a human? When is a fetus a human? Fetus is Latin for “off-spring.” (page 528) That means you are currently the fetus of your parents. Got it?

My daughter sent me some pics of my grandson at 28 weeks gestation. He is very much human. He even has his eyes open in one shot. And he has his father’s nose, for sure. (His mother doesn’t have a wide nose like that.)

Now, tell me, do you have the inhumanity, the criminality, the ego-centric demand, the hate to abort THAT?

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A Scientific Exercise

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/04

I have a list of essay questions I want you to answer for yourself. Using a minimum of one thousand words, with at least three expert citations, answer each of these questions:

1 ) What is the process for fossilization? Explain all aspects.
2 ) What is the process for petroleum creation? Explain all aspects.
3 ) What is the process for decomposition? Explain all aspects. Consider compost heaps in your answer.

Now, I don’t want you to actually post that spammage (unless you really want to) but I want you to really think and research your position on these topics. And it would be lovely if you actually took the time to write all that down so you could more readily visualize your answers.

Because here comes the big question:

4 ) Why does the decomposition process get short-circuited when the fossilization and petroleum-creation processes are involved?

My own short answer to #4 will come in a couple days or so.

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