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Marquette University honors ’70s cop-killer, prison escapee Assata Shakur with mural

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2015/05/16

Cop-killers and other radical Leftist agenda approved. Speaking out against it gets you banished from Marquette. What a great school to spend huge dollars on with your precious child. Send a good kid to that school and get a radicalized ignorant adult back.

One Response to “Marquette University honors ’70s cop-killer, prison escapee Assata Shakur with mural”

  1. Yorkshire said

    Post HS in the 50’s was a time of maturing and going on to Higher Learning (although the 60’s and since have had a dual meaning), or to a Junior College, a Specialty School or Work. Now Higher Learning at a majority of places is Brainwashing. Junior College, now called “Community College” is learning those things to get a real HS Diploma, Specialty and Trade Schools are growing, and going to work means fixing fries.

    Recently I looked at a two mile radius of where I grew up in SE Baltimore in the 50’s. What’s among the missing? Esso Refinery, three Breweries, two specialty steel companies, a Broom factory, a food processing plant, a plant that made bottle tops and bottling machinery, a harbor that loaded and unloaded break-bulk (individual boxes) not containers, a Licorice Co., Paint manufacturer, a can maker, and a few assorted small manufacturers. None have been bought or replaced. And this was a sizable amount of then decent paying blue collar jobs No amount of good, bad, mediocre college educations will replace this.


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