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#Jesus: The Poor Will Always Be With Us. #Obama: You’re Wrong.

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2015/05/15

That’s right, Obama said it’s important not to be cynical enough to claim that the poor will always be with us. And Jesus said “the poor will always be with you.” Matthew 26:11

See for yourself.

All who claim Obama is a Christian, just because he says he’s one, I dare you to tell me how someone who thinks he can dismiss Jesus and call Him a cynic can at the same time be a servant of Christ. It is impossible. Not only does Obama continuously prove he is not a Christian, but also continuously prove he hates Christianity and those who practice it.

2 Responses to “#Jesus: The Poor Will Always Be With Us. #Obama: You’re Wrong.”

  1. This is the kind of post that makes me despair of being a Christian at all! Obama wasn’t “dismissing Jesus”, and he doesn’t hate being one. He’s taking the scripture quote out of context, that’s all. Not like that doesn’t happen 10,000 times a day, by Christians and politicians everywhere. Jesus was saying to his own companions ON EARTH that he would be gone soon, so help him while you can. His ministry to the poor would still be needed after his death.


  2. You are doing your best to try to twist Obama’s words into something else. But you are failing miserably. It is very crystal clear in this instance and in just about every other instance that Obama hates anyone who actually follows the Word of Providence. Open your eyes instead of blindly running cover for an anti-Christian.

    Oh, and study to shew thyself approved.


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