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Today in Court: #BrettKimberlin’s Case

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2015/03/14

The vexatious terrorist bomber, perjurer, drug runner tries his vexatiousness against someone he has already lost to and is losing to in another case yet again, and gets smacked down yet again. He’s building quite a semi-trailer load of paperwork showing he’s vexatious and perjurous.


I’m going to do my writeup of today’s peace order hearing two parts. The first will deal with what happened before the lunch break while Brett Kimberlin was putting on his case. A second post will deal with my response. For a more detailed legal analysis of the case, check out Aaron Walker’s post.

As a preliminary matter, my lawyer raised the issue of Kimberlin being unable to testify in a Maryland court because of his previous perjury conviction. The back-and-forth over that burned up about ten or fifteen minutes and ended with Judge Williams ruling that Kimberlin could not testify.

Kimberlin made an opening statement outlining what he planned to prove with the evidence and testimony of others. During that opening statement he told several lies. One was that I attended a hearing relating to a mental health petition he had filed against his wife. I did not…

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3 Responses to “Today in Court: #BrettKimberlin’s Case”

  1. Eric said

    Why should anyone care?


  2. Why should anyone care that the perjurous terrorist bomber and adjudicated pedophile is using lawfare to try to strip multiple people of their First Amendment rights? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because evil succeeds when good people do nothing? In all seriousness, that was a stupid thing to waste your time to ask.


  3. Eric said

    Okay, then I’ll change my question to – why obsess over this idiot? These types are attention whores, and the more attention they get, the more they like it.


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