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@shannonrwatts Doesn’t Want You To Know This #GunSense

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2015/01/27

The US has 90 guns per 100 citizens, far outstripping any other country. That’s something Bloomberg bought and sold Shannon Watts will tell you. What she won’t tell you is that the US is also in the bottom half of all countries in murder rates, with the Socialist, huge gun-control countries above us. She also won’t tell you that the US would be far lower if not for the murder rates in the Democrat-controlled gun-control cities of the US, such as Detroit, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, Cleveland, etc, etc.

Dallas, the Democrat run city in gun nut Texas, is the Texas city with the highest murder rate, and it’s not even in the top 20 in the US. So, as everyone with even a lick of sense knows, gun-control laws increase murder rates instead of decreasing them.

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  1. Violentacrez said

    You need to avoid being politically correct Mr Hitchcock. The top 10 murder capitals in this nation are

    10 Newark, NJ
    9 New Orleans, LA
    8 Trenton, NJ
    7 Detroit, MI
    6 Flint, MI
    5 Saginaw, MI
    4 Chester, PA
    3 Gary, IN
    2 Camden, NJ
    1 East St. Louis, IL

    What do they have in common and who do the group they have in common always vote for?

    You shouldn’t be afraid to stand up and call a spade a spade. The Democratic Party caters to the whims of minorities and those minorities murder people. We need men like you to stand up and tell people about it.



  2. I received a comment on this thread that I am not ready to release. It appears someone is anti-minority (also known as Aryan Nation) and wants me to be anti-minority, too. My grandson is less than half white and half black. I am less than 100 percent white, having Mexican and Indian blood among my Irish and other European blood. And I happen to like many people of non-white heritage. Those of you with editor privilege on this site can look for yourselves as I’m currently leaving it in moderation.


  3. Violentacrez said

    I’m not “anti-minority” I’m just facing up to the facts, Mr Hitchcock. I listed the top ten most violent cities in America. They all have large black populations.

    You have said yourself that America does not have a gun-control problem and you linked it to voilence in Democrat-controlled cities. But (most) politicians do not shoot other people. The factor that links the two is simple – blacks vote Democrat, and blacks have higher rates of murdering people.

    You are a conservative. You shouldnt be lying to your audience or to yourself like liberals do. You are letting your personal circumstances prevent you from admitting something you know is right and truthful which makes the title of your blog ironic don’t you think?

    How EXACTLY else do you explain the link between the cities you mention and gun violence mr Hitchcock? Be an American, and be a conservative – try speaking the truth for once.


  4. I have allowed the racist’s comments to be viewed. It in no manner reflects the views of this site, which stand fully against satanic Aryan-centric garbage. Being Conservative is not, in any way, tied to racism; however, Democrats have a very long — over 100 year — history of being bigoted against blacks. And the Nazis — from whom the Aryan-centric believers get many of their positions — were very evidently Communist/Socialist, and not, in any way, Conservative. So the fool “violent acres” has one heck of a lot of learning to do.


  5. Violentacrez said

    You did not answer my questions, what gives YOU the right to claim to speak for conservatives when my group has been defending American rights for longer than you have been alive?


  6. White Supremacists will have one sheol of a hot-foot once they die. Practically all of them, since they’re anti-Semites, and anti-Semites have been cursed by the Almighty. And no, white-supremacists, are not Conservative, not Godly, not welcome in civil society, not truthful to anyone, especially themselves.

    And as far as what gives me the right to claim something I never claimed, I give me the right to claim that which I may and not claim that which I choose not.


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