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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2015/01/24

I heard a Christian comedian once mock Shirley MacLaine. The ditz once stood on the shores of the ocean and shouted “I am God!” The Christian comedian used a super high-pitched falsetto in a mocking manner, rising 2 additional octaves upon reaching the word “God”. Girl can’t even turn sand into glass, much less water into wine. Looking for that, I found this article, which is well worth the read. Leftists will hate it, which will let me chuckle.

Fuel for Faith

I’ve heard that Shirley MacLaine once stood proudly on the sea shore shouting “I am God, I am God!”. I imagine that made God laugh. Conversely, there is a legend that Canute, a Viking who became king of England, sat on the sea shore commanding the tide not to come in. He apparently did this not because he believed he could pull it off, but because he wanted to demonstrate to his courtiers that he was just a man like them, and that only God in heaven could do such a thing.

There are at least two Scriptural references to things that make God laugh. I’m not saying that these are the only things he laughs about, since God is the creator of laughter and joy.

First, God laughs at those who are in determined opposition to righteousness and to those who follow his prescribed ways of living. There are…

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