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Generalize much? Salon panned for ‘disgusting’ broad brush of evangelical Christians

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/12/12

Salon is a rag hairdressers put on people’s heads when they’re in that hair cutting place.

2 Responses to “Generalize much? Salon panned for ‘disgusting’ broad brush of evangelical Christians”

  1. DNW said

    I attempted to use a Google account to add a little balance to Salon’s infernal chorus, but was apparently unable. Or my attempt foundered as I tried to proof the text.

    As we have all noticed elsewhere, the liberal appetite for comment is pretty much limited to forming up in a circle of like minded left-wing jack-asses and braying in each others’ faces.

    It probably has something to do with the wiring of their brains; which is much more directed toward “inclusion”, “acceptance”, and feeling part of things, than is the mind conservatives. Who, instead of sharing their concerns about freezing to death, and politicking the tribe to ensure that chills are equally distributed, just go out and chop down a tree. Something no collectivist would think to do without an executive to give permission, and an audience to encourage and applaud.

    When a liberal wants to insult you he says, “You are not part of us, and you are not welcome here!”

    When a conservative laughs at that, the liberal just gets more peeved and figures that the only way he can make those words really hurt is by the introduction of some totalitarian political system like Fascism; since stamping your foot and shouting “I don’t like you” to someone who doesn’t care and has better friends anyway, doesn’t get the liberal-thing where it wants to go.

    Anyway here is what I would have left as “NorthCharlton” if it had taken. It’s pretty much the same theme I have repeated here a very large number of times:

    “The great thing about atheism as a theoretical principle is that collectivism and interpersonal claims of social solidarity don’t really follow from the proposition “no-god”.

    In fact according to the received wisdom of the modern age, no moral obligation follows from any fact whatever.

    Letting then, an annoying and puling liberal die in six inches of dirty ditch water is objectively – in a cosmic sense – no different than watching an apple fall to the ground.

    If on the one hand, under this system of interpretation Christians are deprived of an eternal reward for putting up with the ugly and importunate, it at least means on the other, that God won’t be punishing them for letting whining liberals stew in their autogenic disorders.

    And I suppose there is something to be said for that.

    In any event, Christians would be well advised not to let the organisms of the left cynically game them with guilt trips over principles which liberals themselves don’t really endorse … principles such as the objectivity of moral principles.

    And if there is a God? Well, why would He demand that we have Caesar do what he has commanded those who would call themselves his disciples, do themselves?”

    Have a good weekend.


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