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Minneapolis columnist asks Dan Bongino to prove he’s not racist

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/12/08

Prove you’re not a race-baiting, hyperventilating Left-wing, agenda-driven hack, @DishCentral. I’ll wait.

3 Responses to “Minneapolis columnist asks Dan Bongino to prove he’s not racist”

  1. jo jo said

    Wow. Just wow………………..

    What a totally racist, hate-filled, race baiting piece of worthless scum this “CJ” beyotch clearly is. Ought to be fired immdiately.


  2. She attacked a Conservative male. She’s part of the media. She’s a she. That’s 3 reasons she won’t get fired. Probably get a promotion for her hard-hitting questions.


  3. Eric said

    The problem with “CJ” is she’s a gossip columnist in a town with very little to gossip about. She really belongs in New York or LA, but probably couldn’t handle the competition.


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