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William Schmalfeldt, Eat Your Heart Out

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/16

I am far less active these past two years than I was in 2012 and prior, due to my work (which has put me solidly in the middle class, whatever that is), and my blog’s hit-count and “other author activity” have taken a large toll, since my original article writing has dropped off precipitously. I do not claim to be a journalist. I have not fail-doxxed anyone. I have not tied my caboose (which is not nearly as sizeable) to a terrorist bomber/drug smuggler/perjurer/alleged pedophile/lawfare warrior (who loses his lawsuits)/fail-doxxer’s choo-choo. I have not been an adjudicated harasser in any state, much less multiple states. I have not been ordered to stop printing other people’s work. I have not tried to make money by printing other people’s work. I have not superimposed other people’s heads (and possibly photos of minors’ heads) on homoerotic pron. I don’t have a huge mock-worthy name among the blogosphere and among certain court-houses.

But I do have 156 blog followers, 50 facebook followers (for the website, many other “friends” who catch my feed that way), and year-to-date 80 page-views a day. Schmalfeldt only wishes he had that much of a following. And I’m a super-cereal micro-blog.

So, William Schmalfeldt, and Candy the TK bandit, eat your collective hearts out. I win.

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