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Anyone Who Says Kobe Bryant Isn’t Selfish Is A Democrat

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/12

It is my preference (and not my principle) to not swear. And it is so easy to substitute the Political mascot for the word, that I just had to do it. History shows my assertion to be true. And today’s half-time stats show it, as well. Kobe threw up (heh) 15 shot attempts, hitting 6. The second place and third place teammates of his threw up a combined 16 attempts, hitting 7. Kobe has always been a ball hog, and when it has previously been loudly pointed out to him, he went the other way, refusing to shoot and throwing the ball around, just to prove his detractors wrong in a stompy-foot way. Don’t get me wrong. Kobe is one of the most athletic ball scorers in the history of the game, but he is also one of the most selfish. And if he even tries to respond to this in-game (like my micro blog has any kind of sway in anything basketball related), he will prove my point by “shoving his ball passing in my face” instead of being a team player.

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