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Today Is Election Day

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/11/04

I’m watching live updates on and hoping there’s enough of a wave to clearly repudiate the Socialist agenda of Obama, V to the J, Reid, Pelosi, et al. And I hope it’s not too late to save this once great country from the total destruction Obama and the Socialist Democrats have foisted on it.

So far, at 7:02 pm EST, McConnell is leading Grimes 53 to 44 with 4 percent tallied in what MSNBC called Kansas.
At 7:03, RCP called it. GOP hold in Kentucky, with McConnell leading Grimes 54 to 42, 5 percent tallied.

At 7:18 pm EST, nothing much to report. McConnell leads 56 to 40 with 12 percent tallied. Both SC races have been called for Republicans with no votes counted. New Hampshire, the Republican carpetbagger Brown leads Shaheen 60 to 40 with 0 percent counted. In Virginia, no idea the percent counted due to RCP’s setup not liking 3 people on the line, but Warner the Democrat has 38 percent and the Republican is around 58 percent.

At 7:44 pm EST, RCP has called West Virginia for the Republican candidate, with no vote counted. In Georgia, Republican Perdue leads Nunn 60 to 38. In New Hampshire, Democrat Shaheen leads Brown 57 to 42 with 6 percent counted. In North Carolina, Republican Tillis leads Hagan 51 to 44. In Virginia, Republican Gillespie leads Warner 53 to 43.

8:07 pm EST. Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey Democrat holds, with no votes counted yet. Both Oklahoma seats, Mississippi, Maine, Alabama Republican holds, no votes counted yet. Tennessee Republican hold, with Alexander leading 67 to 26, 0 percent tallied.

8:13 pm EST. In Georgia, Republican Perdue leads Nunn 60 to 38. In Kansas, Republican Roberts leads Orman 69 to 25. In Michigan, Land and Peters are tied at 49 with 0 percent counted. In North Carolina, Democrat Hagan leads Tillis 53 to 43. In New Hampshire, Shaheen leads Brown 55 to 44.
Alright, it’s really pointless to keep running along like this. Maybe I’ll post when RCP calls each race instead. Maybe.

8:26 pm EST. Rhode Island has been called a Democrat hold.

On the Governors side, PA has been called a Democrat pickup, while the Republican is leading in the early count. AL, OH, SC, and TN have all been called Republican holds.

For some reason RCP stopped updating for me. I have switched to FOX

9:25 pm EST. Republican Tom Cotton declared the winner in Arkansas. Democrat Coons wins Delaware. Democrat Peters wins Michigan. Democrat Franken wins Minnesota (really, guys?). Republican Sasse wins Nebraska. Democrat Booker wins New Jersey. Republican Rounds wins South Dakota. Republican Cornyn wins Texas. Republican Enzi wins Wyoming.

9:40 pm EST. Democrat Shaheen wins New Hampshire.

9:54 pm EST. Republican Cory Gardner wins Colorado.

10:05 pm EST. Republican Steve Daines wins Montana.

10:18 pm EST. RCP shows the Senate at R+5, the House at R+2, the Governors at even. Oh, and Abortion Barbie down in Texas? She has been declared a loser with 38.8 percent of the vote so far.

10:38 pm EST. Democrat Tom Udall wins New Mexico.

10:45 pm EST. RCP has called Georgia for Republicans but FOX News has not yet called it. Perdue leads Nunn 57 to 42 with 72 percent in, and a vote count lead of 317k.

10:52 pm EST. RCP has called Kansas for the Republican but FOX News has not yet called it. With 54 percent of the vote counted, Roberts leads 51 to 44 with a 32k vote lead.

10:55 pm EST. FOX News calls Kansas for the Republican.

11:00 pm EST. FOX News calls Georgia for the Republican.

11:05 pm EST. FOX News calls Hawai’i and Oregon for the Democrats and Idaho for the Republican.

11:08 pm EST. In Virginia, Incumbent Democrat Mark Warner’s 49 percent leads Republican Ed Gillespie’s 49 percent by 11k votes. The Libertarian has 53k votes.

11:11 pm EST. In North Carolina, Republican Thom Tillis’ 49 percent leads Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan’s 47 percent by 46k votes. The Libertarian has 103k votes.

11:23 pm EST. FOX News calls Iowa for Republican Joni Ernst.

11:32 pm EST. North Carolina is a Republican pickup.

In other news, declared winner Incumbent Scott Walker has won his third election for Governor of Wisconsin (including the recall election). Walker leads Democrat Mary Burke by 116k votes, with 68 percent of the vote counted.

With 76 percent of the vote counted, Abortion Barbie trails the wheelchair-bound Greg Abbott 60 to 38, an 866k vote difference.

11:59 pm EST. RCP has the Senate R+7, the House R+8, Governors R+2. That would be a gain of IL, MA, AR Governorships with a loss of PA Governorship. And the Republican is leading in MD, of all places.

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