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Six TBD Authors Were Read Yesterday

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/09/01

I looked at the stats for yesterday. Six authors on this site were read yesterday. That’s impressive because four of the six haven’t posted an article here in ages. That means TBD has lasting power for people searching for information. The authors should be proud to know their work is still read, long after they produced it.


3 Responses to “Six TBD Authors Were Read Yesterday”

  1. Foxfier said


    (,…since I’m struggling to manage to do a once a month post for a Catholic blog, about conspiracy theories, I can’t even make noises about posting more….)


  2. DNW said

    Foxfier said
    2014/09/01 at 16:05 e


    (,…since I’m struggling to manage to do a once a month post for a Catholic blog, about conspiracy theories, I can’t even make noises about posting more….)”

    So what, if anything, do folks in the Catholic Blogosphere, make of the “Garabandal visionaries”? Or is the uncanny not the kind of thing you write on or mean when you mention conspiracies?

    About a year ago, I actually watched a BBC video [via Youtube] on it made years before … Late 1970’s maybe after the girls were grown up. . And regarding the interviewee and main subject of the episode, I have never seen anyone who seemed to be so completely guileless and open, while reciting apparently impossible things which she seemed to hardly understand herself. All of them seemed to be living out their convictions in complete orthodoxy and with unreserved sincerity and humility in their adulthood.

    Yet, after 50 years, one of the subjects of the chief visionary’s predictions, has just recently died.

    Again, this would not even be worth discussing – unless you find entertainment value in so-called paranormal type events – but for the seeming utter sincerity and openness of the subjects, the extensive concurrent documentation …. and their incredibly spot-on, but at the time [circa 1965] unthinkable prediction of the subsequent course of the Catholic church and many of its prelates.

    I thought I could detect a liar or nut case with almost no trouble.

    But this one, from our own age more or less, leaves me completely baffled despite its strangeness.


  3. Foxfier said

    Nah, nothing to do with apparitions– private revelations tend to make my head hurt– stuff like how Catholic theology would deal with Frankenstein’s monster and various “everyone knows” falsehoods, like the idea of “secret councils”….

    Basically, just when I lose my temper at some ignorant BS on the internet, I write about it. So far I haven’t run out of triggers, just energy to write. if you’re interested, or can think of other things to look at.

    Maybe I should do one on how apparitions and saints are verified as “worthy of belief” after I do the Crusades article next month.


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