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In Re a Peace Order

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/08/28

Serial harasser, cyber-thug, fail-doxer and victim agree harthudoxer will stop harthudoxing and victim will drop legal action. Harthudoxer doesn’t stop and is surprised victim doesn’t drop.


Last month, I sought a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt. It was denied by a District Court judge who does not believe that Internet harassment can trigger the Maryland peace order statute. I appealed. The de novo appeal trial was scheduled for this morning in Circuit Court.

Bill Schmalfeldt and I had a discussion immediately after the settlement conference for the copyright infringement suit I filed against him. During that discussion, he made representations to me about his plan for his Internet presence going forward. I told him that, if he followed that plan, there would be no reason to follow through with my peace order petition. I encouraged him to pursue the course he outlined. I asked him to give me a reason to drop the matter, and we shook hands.

While he seemed to be following his plan for a week or so, Schmalfeldt quickly began giving me reasons…

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