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Federal judge orders DOJ to release Fast and Furious documents

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/08/21

Remember when Barack Obama said they have things in the background to increase gun-control laws (which would further violate our Second Amendment rights)? Remember when the media were giddily reporting how many Mexicans died in Mexico due to guns from the US? Remember how the Obama Federal Government were forcing law-abiding gun dealers in the southwest to sell to straw-buyers the gun dealers knew were illegal to sell to (in the guise of a sting operation)? Remember how those Fast and Furious guns were allowed to cross the border without tracking and found their way into drug cartels’ hands? Remember how over 200 Mexicans and 2 Law Enforcement Officers were gunned down using these guns? Remember how the mainstream media suddenly shut up about gun deaths in Mexico related to guns coming from US? Remember how Obama, Holder, and the Democrat machine was all “shut up”? Yeah, about that…


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