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I Wrote A Comment At American Liberal Times

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/08/17

DNW has been regaling us with the absurdity that is the Loony Left as represented by one John the Liberal, who runs American Liberal Times. Well, the clown who unfortunately shares my first name wrote an article blasting Voter ID (which is supported by a majority of each segment of each spectrum) and simultaneously calling for mandatory voting. I responded. I expected to get a message saying my comment is in moderation. I did not get that message. Instead, I got a response from the site that suggested my comment went directly into the spam filter. That response was a refreshing of the direct page without even the hint that I commented at all. Good job, DNW. Not only did you get yourself banned from the illogical, deceitful, dishonorable site, but you also got this site, which is based on Honor, banned from it. That does, indeed, show the depth of depravity, the complete inability to hear the truth, the total disregard for Honorable debate “John the Liberal” has.

Knowing there might be an issue with commenting there, I had the forethought to save what I wrote before hitting the submit button. And here it is.

You say “feel free to comment” when you actually mean “comment when and if your opinion matches my own completely off-balance opinion”. I know this to be the case because an author on my blog has attempted to enter into an intellectual and logical debate with you. What did he get in return? “La la la la la I can’t hear you.” And a “you’re not welcome” sign.

You’re not interested in the truth. While I do know Leftists who are, indeed, interested in honest debate; aphrael (the “married” homosexual Leftist at Patterico’s Pontifications) and Jeff (the Left-wing Jewish heterosexual who is down for the cause of homosexual “marriage” (something every true Christian is foursquare against) at Opinions Nobody Asked For) are two such examples, you, however are not in that crowd. I have strong respect for both aphrael and Jeff, despite their being wrong on just about every issue. They, at least, try to debate honestly. You should give it a try yourself.

The only thing that seems to happen is that the voter ID laws become ever increasingly demanding

Prove it. You won’t because you can’t. It’s just a sham you on the Left push in your efforts to make enforcement of eligibility requirements as difficult as possible. You need the fraudulent votes. You need the politicians’ lies. Without both, you lose lots of elections you’re currently winning.

You claim vote fraud is rare. The way you write suggests it’s virtually unheard of. The only reason it would be unheard of is due to the fact mainstream media works so hard to hide it. Vote fraud is hardly rare. I have personally compiled a small sampling of massive voter fraud and voter registration fraud. And it inevitably points to your side of the political spectrum. The side that has the absolute belief that there are no absolutes. (Talk about an intellectually and logically untenable position…)

While it is difficult to ascertain the depths of the vote fraud and voter registration fraud perpetrated by Democrats and Leftists, my proven documentation of Democrat officials engaging in both destroys your claims. As does the 120 percent voter registration in Indianapolis. 120 percent. When even 100 percent is statistically impossible without fraud. And the over 100 percent vote in Florida, used to unseat a black man from office because he didn’t toe the Democrat plantation line.

But your suggestion of making voting mandatory does two things I want to point out here.

1) It proves you on the Left are not at all about independence. You are not at all about individual freedom. You are about control of the people. You are fascist at the core. (That’s what mandatory voting is: Fascism. So, own it or be dishonorable and run from it.)

2) It proves you need the wholly uninformed to vote for your emotionalist scare arguments because, when it’s only the informed who vote, you lose cataclysmically. You cannot win when the people are truly informed and involved. It is impossible. Therefore, the more uninformed the people who vote, the better it is for your totalitarian side. This is proven by the results of “low voter turnout” votes. Those who “don’t get into politics”, in other words, those uninformed types, are more likely to not vote in low voter turnout elections. And low voter turnout elections tend to tilt far to the Right. Thus your need for the uninformed, uneducated, non-critical-thinking masses to be “forced” to vote.

Quite frankly, I would be happy if those who did not pay Federal taxes in the previous year or two were not permitted to vote on any issue that raised taxes on those who actually do pay taxes. Why should the leeches of society get to vote on how much they can leech off those who are forced to lend their arms for the blood-sucking? But my position would be clearly unconstitutional, so I do not advocate for it. Your position, which you are strongly advocating for, is equally unconstitutional.

But since when did the Constitution ever get in the way of you on the far Left?

Here, you can find other articles on this site that concerns voter fraud, voter registration fraud, and the like.

4 Responses to “I Wrote A Comment At American Liberal Times”

  1. DNW said

    Our long suffering friend on First Street Journal made every attempt to provide an open forum for the discussion of political issues. What he got was squabbles.

    I have yet to see – though I am sure there must be some – a progressive open forum web site: that is to say a liberal blog which does not include some form of registration and a comment moderation default.

    Edward Feser, the conservative Catholic moderate realist philosopher on the other hand, has a truly liberal comment policy. In return he gets regular visits from so-called skeptic or New Atheist web site denizens who leave behind deposits varying from snarky attacks to scatological blasphemies of a kind that read as if they were written either by madmen; or people demon possessed – if there were such a latter thing.

    One recent rationalist visitor who reciprocally “invited” Feser’s commenters to the anti-theist forum he frequented, gave out the same old “all are welcome” line.

    In fact one had to set up a wordpress account, and then further submit all comments to a moderation and review process, after which they might be allowed to appear. I attempted to use my WordPress registration and identity good for over here, over there, but their site would not accept it.

    Not much of a lost opportunity ultimately, as these sites appear to me to largely be sulfurous echo chambers wherein lefties amuse themselves by cursing Christians, and then braying appreciatively in each others’ faces.


  2. To be fair, this site has a “first comment moderated” filter. It prevents regular spam and helps prevent sock puppetry from banned people, such as PIATOR, who is known to steal others’ email addresses to attempt to get around moderation or banning, and to use sock puppets, and Perry Hood, the (near) octogenarian from Lewes, Delaware, who uses multiple socks and multiple ipnums to attempt to get around bannings.


  3. DNW said

    “To be fair, this site has a “first comment moderated” filter. It prevents regular spam and helps prevent sock puppetry from banned people, such as PIATOR, who is known to steal others’ email addresses to attempt to get around moderation or banning, and to use sock puppets, and Perry Hood, the (near) octogenarian from Lewes, Delaware, who uses multiple socks and multiple ipnums to attempt to get around bannings.”

    A Spam filter is one thing, a preemptive political filter is another. In the case of Perry, he had his chance here, and he refused to abide by the simple rule that he stick to the topic and address the issues or argument.

    In the case of the New Zealand Neurotic, I doubt that he would ever bother to show up here, unless it were to drop an insult and move along; pretty much the same for the conscienceless Iowa Pervs.

    I’m not sure how a first comment filter sorts spam from legitimate commenters, but I think that the more troublesome it is to comment, and the greater delay in the appearance of a comment, the less likely a person is to bother to repeat the effort.


  4. Spam filters sometimes don’t get all the spam, leaving some slip by. In our case, it only slips to the first comment moderation and gets flagged as spam by myself or one of the editors.

    Regarding the Socialist New Zealand book putter backer who has gotten himself banned all sorts of places all over the blogosphere, he has indeed been here multiple times, with or without socks, with or without my email address.


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