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Speaking of Benjamin Crump

Posted by DNW on 2014/08/15

From his website: Intellectual powerhouse Benjamin Crump.

How did this clown ever get a law degree?

How did this clown ever get a law degree?















Read the screen capture below and weep for civilization.

Three so-called “Esquires”, all signing off on a contemptibly inflammatory polemic intended to shift attention away from what appears to be a steadily creeping indictment of the moral character of the late Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri.

And all they succeed in demonstrating is their own moral and intellectual incompetence.

See the first paragraph issued by these legal geniuses: “piece mil” for “piecemeal”.  Unfortunately for them, it is the kind of error spell check won’t catch; since, both “piece” and “mil” are real words.

So three activist lawyers rush to the scene of a fiasco, put their demonstrably sub-par heads together, and that is what results.


Crump the illiterate crop




















Did they write the nonsense they published above? Who knows? But it appears over Crump’s name.


Did they read it? Again, who knows? But one is justified in presuming that material published over a man’s name has at least been read by him.


Three publicity seeking bomb throwing lawyers, and apparently not one of them could spell “piecemeal”.


And just in case people are wondering if some AOL typist is responsible for the error in the statement:


Crump Esquire's statement






























Kind of sums it up, doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “Speaking of Benjamin Crump”

  1. Looks like you hit a major point of interest. Lots of hits to this article over multiple days. It is interesting, no?, that a great many of the race-baiters’ “hills to die on” are so full of the criminal element. “C-c-c-can’t we all just get along?” was a serious drug-abusing violent criminal that was the cause celebre for the riots and utterly contemptible criminality in the Los Angeles megaplex. A black thug who was thrown out of school multiple times and had criminal tools and who was beating someone mercilessly (because that someone was following and observing him) was another cause celebre. Tawana Brawley, anyone?

    It seems inevitable that the race-baiters, the Leftists (redundancy), the mainstream media (double redundancy), Democrats (treble (also trouble) redundancy), organizations with “black” or its equivalence in their name (quadruple redundancy and racist to boot) use criminals and thugs as their victims du jour in their attacks at the American fabric.

    I am reminded of the offensive joke regarding a nearly all white football team with a black running back.
    First down: N* run right.
    Second down: N* run left.
    Third down: SPDN (same play, different n*)
    Fourth down: White boy punt.

    The butt-monkeys who are the Left have to use the dregs of society to create this horrible thing, which allows immoral people to excuse their criminal activities, in order to push their race-baiting agenda, and when the truth comes out, they have to shove the truth into the abyss in order to continue their agenda. And when all else fails, punt, until the next opportunity to use the next criminal thug as a victim of “the man”.

    It would be laughable if it weren’t so dagum ominous.


  2. Oh, and that “piece mil” thing? It’s actually spelled phonetically. I know, it’s an accent-based misspeak, but still, it is what it is.


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