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Pet Peeve

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/31

It’s not a hot water heater. It is a water heater. You’re not starting with hot water. Just like it’s not a toast toaster. If you’re going to take the time to print up a very professional laminated and required posting for inside a building, you might want to bother doing it right.

Of course, given America’s disgraceful public education system (with its emphasis on Socialist indoctrination), maybe you don’t know the difference.


5 Responses to “Pet Peeve”

  1. Yorkshire said

    I remember calling them hot water heaters when I was a kid back in the dark ages. Then the redundancy hit me, DUHHHHHHHHHH. Now I call it by its function, A Water Heater. Afterall, why heat heated water? 🙂


  2. DNW said

    What medium does a swimming pool heater heat? And to what degree?


  3. We’re not talking about witches and dark magic here, DNW. 😉


  4. Heh, smilies get stripped.


  5. DNW said

    Nor spiritualists either.

    RE: “What medium does a swimming pool heater heat? ”

    Note that I had to add “medium” to the question, “What does a swimming pool heater heat?”

    Otherwise, some smart-ass as would have evaded the question and rejoined: “A swimming pool” and “Enough”

    Shows you how well that plan worked.


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