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Hate Messages Sent To This Site

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/25

you were a lousy teacher and you totes deserve your bad karma. hope you bankrupt soon.

That was attempted to be put up on my Good News And Bad News article.

The bad news is I’m not a professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, or at Wyoming. You see, I died in 1712.

The good news is I’m one undead individual with enough brain power left not to vote Democrat.

Let’s see how many remember this:

“Will the real John Hitchcock please stand up?”

7 Responses to “Hate Messages Sent To This Site”

  1. DNW said

    I thought it was someone you kicked out of your rig. LOL Figured I’d leave it up to you to deal with.


  2. Well, that would be difficult, seeing as I haven’t kicked anyone out. Not even the snuff user, when I declared that I take smokers and non-smokers, but no smokeless tobacco users at the beginning of my Phase 1 instructions.


  3. DNW said

    Looks like you picked something up on your shoe which is following you around. Why not scrape it off and toss this whole “Hate Messages” blog entry out with it?


  4. Whoever that is doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she sure is hateful. It’s kinda cute, really. Almost made me feel bad about placing her in the spam filter. Almost.


  5. Apparently, is a known spammer IP from Finland.

    So, obviously “she” has never been in my truck. Just a hater hating.


  6. AOTC said

    I have bull crap fatigue.The dizzying pace with which leftists are positing total lies and contradictory ideas must be having their desired effects on real human beings.

    I’m frankly on my last nerve.

    Did go see America. EXCELLENT.. It saved my last nerve.


  7. DNW said

    “AOTC said
    2014/07/31 at 15:02 e

    I have bull crap fatigue.The dizzying pace with which leftists are positing total lies and contradictory ideas must be having their desired effects on real human beings. “

    I’m pretty much at the same point. All the disturbing inferences generated by past encounters with them; inferences which we have gradually drawn concerning their real character and even the very the nature of their being in the world, are, unfortunately, being repeatedly validated by new science and by their own continuing pronouncements.

    They rail at the morals of others yet they will not be held to any common standards of decency or honor. If you ask them what their standards are, they ultimately cannot or refuse to say.

    ” I do not care to justify moral preferences or claims because my own moral preference and claims don’t amount to anything of much significance in such a vast and diverse society as ours and in times when generational and demographic changes are on the cusp of making cataclysmic changes in many of our generally accepted perceptions of many things at many levels. I simply present what I think ( at the moment I think it ) knowing full well that it might all change dramatically as new impressions are received inside of myself either by inspiration or by being impressed from influences without. Why be a hypocrite about it?”

    No shit.

    Yet they squawk, squawk, squawk, in a mimicry of human communication. A mimicry which has apparently worked well enough for their kind to nest and successfully reproduce among real human beings.

    What the hell are we dealing with? Pod people from some 1950s Science fiction flick?

    It’s as if there is some reasoning faculty (or three) completely missing from their brains. It’s as if they are not really thinking as we understand thinking. It’s as if all the things I have said about liberals as more or less mere bags of appetite acting on unexamined upwelling urges, was literal, rather than figurative, truth.


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