Truth Before Dishonor

I would rather be right than popular

7 Responses to “Good News And Bad News”

  1. DNW said

    “… was in Salt Lake City, spending over 3000 dollars fixing and maintaining my truck. When I only had a 2100 dollar maintenance account …
    Then my student and I went to Idaho to pick up a load, travelled to a suburban area of Chicago … on the way there, the truck died in Frisco, CO. … cost of that? Besides … hotels … there’s the 8000 dollar repair bill.

    … it will take about 6 months to recover. …in a period of 1 week, I have incurred over 11,000 dollars in maintenance costs plus lodging costs … I have incurred over 11,000 dollars in maintenance costs plus lodging costs, with next to no revenue to show for it. And if my truck sits still for 1 week, I still have 800 dollars in expenses.”

    Nothing like owning your own business. Actually, there is nothing like it, except hunting or farming maybe … in other words real life. What you’ve written about above is what gives you the social right, (Not the natural right which is not contingent) to tell niche seeking security sucking liberal weaklings and opportunists to f**K off to their faces.

    By the way John, the comment window recognition routine seems to have changed. Was some change deliberately made?


  2. No changes were made on my end.


  3. DNW said

    “John Hitchcock said
    2014/07/21 at 16:40 e

    No changes were made on my end.”

    OK. Been meaning to ask you also:

    What if anything can be done about posting font sizes? There seems to be no option for varying them.

    What triggers a closing of the comment option on older posts? Is that based on elapsed time? If so what is it? Keeping them open longer might be an interesting experiment. Of course there are problems enough in dealing with the deluge of spam we are now inundated with … Maybe that is part of the logic.


  4. DNW said

    Obviously you can shoot me an e-mail on these matters.


  5. It is possible to make all posts have longer expiration dates on the commenting or to have no comment closing dates at all, but I chose a duration I felt allowed the best opportunity for freshness. As far as changing the font size, you can do (font size=)text(/font) using karots.


  6. I drive at night. It’s night. I’m not driving. I can’t be out of hours because I was down several days in a row and just got my truck out of the shop Monday. It’s only Thursday, 3 days later. Guess why I am not driving.

    I am not thrilled.


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