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Reblog: Why George Takei Is An Idiot

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/07/08

I loved Star Trek TOS and George Takei’s role in it. I thought him excellent. But the man doesn’t know when to shut up with his fascist homosexual agenda.

Head Noises

Corporations are made up of humans who form a legal entity for a purpose, in this case, to sell picture frames and nick-nacks. The owners of this particular corporation are a family. They have rights. They do not surrender those rights because they formed a business. Anyone who thinks that they did surrender those rights when they formed their family business is a moron.

Why George Takei Is An Idiot

Not very kindly said, Mr. Takei is an old man with a strong emotional investment in the world being the way he says it is… but he is very wrong, and possibly willfully blind to the fact that what he wants is for his beliefs to be imposed on those who disagree.  To force them to act as if they agree, if he can’t force them to actually agree.

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One Response to “Reblog: Why George Takei Is An Idiot”

  1. Foxfier said

    As a couple of folks commented– he didn’t do junk like this when it would be a risk to his career or it was not popular. Now it gets him attention and/or work… and he’ll be dead of old age before the over-reach causes a really nasty backlash.


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