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Now, it’s “Facebook Conversations”

Posted by DNW on 2014/06/17


As is by now well-known, AOL/Huffington Post has been seeking to, as they say, increase the level of civility and elevate the tenor of the conversations in their news comment sections by eliminating anonymity.

Their first attempts seemed aimed at reducing the number of made up names and identities while still allowing the use of AOL account screen names or identities. Now, at least for the most part it seems, you must register through Facebook.

Not only will you have a properly registered and consistent and therefore potentially held-to-account commenting identity (all well and good), but now it will be your real life name and address, and whatever else in the way of personal information a deranged leftist might be able to ferret out.

So how is this working out for them, “Tone-wise?”

A sample provides some indications …

The “news” …

Huffington's mutual grooming crew

Huffington’s mutual grooming troupe thrown fodder


























Next comes the progressive Facebook echo chamber.

What passes for elevated discourse among progressives

What passes for elevated discourse among progressives































Free speech? Well, The Huffington Post is their playground and they are welcome to it. But don’t let anyone tell you that the marketplace of ideas is anything they have ever had an interest in.


4 Responses to “Now, it’s “Facebook Conversations””

  1. Foxfier said

    Of course they’re cool with being absolute asses and even making death threats with their facebook accounts– in spite of all their talk, they know we’re not actually violent loons.

    We, on the other hand, know that their “nice” sticks around only as long as you absolutely agree with them.


  2. DNW said

    From Foxfier on Now, it’s “Facebook Conversations” #

    Of course they’re cool with being absolute asses and even making death threats with their facebook accounts– in spite of …

    Yeah, I think we have all seen what is a comparatively mild version of it with Perry’s attempts to get Hoagie in trouble with the IRS over NOTHING, and with Iowa Liberal Mike Ganzeveld’s comical, if nonetheless stalking attempts, to track me down.

    These people are like suicide bombers. They are just as happy to end their own lives if they can take you out with them.

    In their case, their religion is man, and if you are an unloving element of the god collective, unwilling to climb up on a cross and extinguish yourself for their benefit, they will try and put you there themselves.


  3. John said

    I am not giving my personal information over to anything or anyone who has the capability to track my evry key stroke.


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