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Let’s Amend The Second Amendment

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/06/12

HT Bmore (Note: His link changes on a regular basis, so it won’t always show the graphs I have below.)

Take a look at these charts and tell me what correlations you found.

gun violence voting record

I suggest we amend the Second Amendment as follows: If your voting record is to the Left of The Crying Man* you are not permitted to own guns or knives or any sharp objects. What do you think? Do you think the lying liar# who “bought his way into Heaven” by lying and demagoguery would like the idea?

I know, I know. Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, but the Left are always misrepresenting correlations and declaring by fiat (not the decrepit car company) that their misrepresented correlations necessarily mean causation for their pet takeover desires.

*John Boehner
#Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg

5 Responses to “Let’s Amend The Second Amendment”

  1. DNW said

    Since the administration run by “The One” is mooting that certain subsections of the American population should live under different sets of laws based on their ethnicity, your idea based on mere political affiliation, certainly could not be logically characterized by these same advocates of dual law systems, as that outrageous.

    Of course the nihilistic organisms of the left long ago abandoned any pretense that they are seriously committed to coherent principles or thinking. They act on unexamined, and what they apparently conceive of as sacrosanct and un-evaluable urges; which by their own account are understood to be fundamentally and objectively meaningless; just like their overall lives. Which might in itself be an argument for placing them is a distinct legal system that explicitly recognizes these principles as directly applying to the social matter under its control.

    Liberals also seem to be more depressed, more anxious, less sexually dimorphic, and to take more mood altering drugs. In this respect, they seem to differ in mere degree rather than kind, with the more obviously mentally ill and unstable in general. Perhaps they should then be persuaded to voluntarily give up their right to be considered peers at law, rather than be enabled in their continuing efforts to drag us all down into that realm of dependency and subjugation which they seem to intuit as their natural state.

    They, on their own analysis and the publicly available evidence, may simply not be fit to be free and self-governing in the manner of traditional Americans. If preserving our own rights is our aim, a dual law political system might – unfortunately – be the only nonviolent [if temporary] solution in dealing with this class of emotionally unstable, morally nihilistic, and insistent dependents who will neither take responsibility for their own lives, nor go away and leave the life competent and responsible, alone.

    It would be nice if we could persuade them to take individual responsibility for their own lives and rise to the level of American. But individual responsibility is exactly what these emotion driven, and often mentally disarranged appetite entities, are frantically fleeing from in the first place. Might as well preach to the stones.


  2. DNW said


    Despite the considerable traffic your post title has generated in terms of hits and visits, I’m beginning to suspect that most of those attracted to the title imagined that you were willing not only to open the door so they might proceed to their dead end, but that you would, in “solidarity” and civic fellowship, be willing to join them there in their suffocating little hot house of servility.

    It seems that if you give people the restrictions they want, but limit it in application to themselves, they are not quite so pleased.


  3. I told the folks on Hot Gas about it. That’s where the hits are coming in. Maybe at a later date, the hits will come from the Left, but mostly it’s from the Right who don’t see a need to change what the Framers wrote.


  4. DNW said

    John Hitchcock said
    2014/06/12 at 18:25 e

    I told the folks on Hot Gas about it. That’s where the hits are coming in. Maybe at a later date, the hits will come from the Left, but mostly it’s from the Right who don’t see a need to change what the Framers wrote.”

    Awww, that’s almost too bad. I could nearly visualize left-wing community college sociology department types comically coming here for fresh ideas on gun control, and getting instead a load of their own dual legal system ideology thrown back in their androgynous faces.

    Considered more thoughtfully however, one realizes they primarily bleat to themselves in fora where the assumption that “we are building the kind of society we want” stands as a first and unimpeachable principle; one which to their mind requires no grounding or reference to individual interests, natural rights, or moral limits, and is therefore safe from challenge on these latter bases.


  5. Yorkshire said

    I think the blue areas need a change. the Reds are just fine. New England was a surprise on violence.


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