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Hey @piersmorgan, You Convinced Me, I Just Joined @nra

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2014/04/25

That Piers Morgan, who read the word “muskets” in our Constitution, just called NRA “assassins”. Former mayor Bloomberg declared he’s going to shove Providence out of the way and walk into heaven by virtue of his 50 million dollars spent to lie and demagogue. (Protip: That’s not how it works.)

Thank you, Piers, you convinced me to get a three year membership to the NRA.

9 Responses to “Hey @piersmorgan, You Convinced Me, I Just Joined @nra”

  1. Brittius said

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  2. […] John Hitchcock is back to writing more on Truth Before Dishonor, and he thanks Piers Morgan for encouraging him to join the NRA. ____________________________ […]


  3. Eric said

    I was unaware that Piers Morgan was still around. Last i had heard about him was CNN had fired him for low ratings.


  4. He’s shooting off his pie-hole on a regularly unhinged basis all about the evil people who have those boom sticks. Absolutely unhinged these days.


  5. Yorkshire said

    NRA Member also, Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerssssss


  6. I just don’t understand why Great Britain won’t allow him to return to that country. It’s not like he’s a dir- … oh!


  7. AOTC said

    Piers needs a punch in the throat. heh


  8. Great Britain is all about knife control, baby. What, with all them knives jumping out of the cutlery blocks and killing people.


  9. Yorkshire said

    Piers Morgan should find his namesake, a Pier, and live there. Careful, you could roll off of it.


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