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Was Obama’s Real Job to Destroy America’s Moral & Ethical Foundations?

Posted by Yorkshire on 2014/01/26

This is a posting on an email type website called the “LAST RESISTANCE” This is the post, but go to this site since the List starting with “Push to legalize same-sex marriage” and all items following this have a LINK to the real story. This is just a list, but really not the whole posting. It is worth the time to look at that list and contents. And remember this on the disatorous State of the Splintering Union Address on Tuesday. Someone suggested a drinking game everytime BO Blames someone else for the disaster he is reigning (as a king) over. I responded that you would be dead in 15 minutes from alcohol poisoning. Someone else thought that it would only take 10 minutes. For safety’s sake, don’t do it. 🙂 But as much as BO’s talking point experts say how great things are. Just look at the fake Unemployment of the BLS U-3 Chart of 6.7%, a more realistic number is the BLS U-6 chart saying 13.1%, but my gut says it’s higher than that. People participating in employment is shrinking. There are loads of websites showing a variety of stories saying 6.7% to much higher. But it’s a sales job from the country’s perma-liar.

Was Obama’s Real Job to Destroy America’s Moral & Ethical Foundations?
Posted By Dave Jolly on Jan 24, 2014

It should be obvious to everyone that Barack Hussein Obama’s sudden rise to power had to be orchestrated by some very powerful and wealthy people. We can speculate who some of them are, but needless to say, Obama was not capable of pulling off political victories on his own.
So what was the purpose behind Obama’s push to power? What was his real job that his puppet masters gave him?

After five years in office, I believe that the real job the power tycoons gave Obama was to destroy the moral and ethical values and foundations of America. Think about what Obama has done or is trying to do since taking office:

Push to legalize same-sex marriage
Allowed homosexuals in the military
Supports the legalization of marijuana
Destroying religious rights
Destroying family values
Destroying parental rights
Made racial tensions worse, not better
Destroying freedom of speech
Destroying and defying US Constitution
Destroying jobs
Trying to destroy right to bear firearms
Destroying powers of Congress by overriding them
Trying to destroy conservatives
Assumed presidency without proving eligibility
Aiding and abetting America’s enemies
Destroying right to life
Destroying economy
Weakening the military
Turned schools into brainwashing institutions
Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens
Can you list anything positive that Obama has done since taking office in January 2009? I can’t. So ask yourself what was the real task given him by his secret handlers?

The reason behind it is simple. Once the moral and ethical values of Americans had been destroyed, the hidden power tycoons could take complete control of the nation. And they’re getting very close to accomplishing their goal.


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