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Posted by DNW on 2014/01/15

I was going to title this “Castro on the Brink of Hell”.

But most Christians, especially those visiting this site would probably blanch at that,  and feel that it was a call far beyond my right to make. Not only being presumptuous in the very making, but a call, if there were such a fate possible, too terrible to smirk over.

Yet, one cannot help but wonder what kind of cosmic justice would be served by granting these post-human, anti-human, morally deconstructed and murderous entities of the left, mercy.

But we balk. This limit on how far we are willing to go, is where the leftist appetite thing, the collectivist seeker of power over other men, has what appears to be a Darwinian at least, advantage over those humans who do recognize moral and ethical boundaries, and who try to deduce behavioral standards from principles that extend beyond their own brute impulses.

The left’s power and their seeming advantage lies in their liberation from all ethical and moral standards. But of course, this may well entail their journey beyond what it even means to be human.

But, whatever their lack of moral inhibitions may do for them now, one limit these human demons, these tyrants of left cannot evade, is time.

Think of Castro alive forever, and you have some reasonable facsimile of hell on earth; that is to say, of the leftist mind and personality poured out upon, and dominating everyone with its endlessly fulminating nihilism and resentments.

Here is one of them with whom time has caught up. The God of Progressive Hollywood.











How much longer shall he reign?

They must be thanking the powers they revere that they still have Obama.


6 Responses to “Castro”

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) said

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.


  2. Yorkshire said

    He’s probably not singing “Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door.”


  3. DNW said

    Hadn’t noticed it before, but he does look as though he’s just gotten a glimpse of his eternal fate.


  4. AOTC said

    lol @ Yorkshire


  5. I have absolutely no doubt that both Castros are Hell-bound. Remember, their sister had to flee Cuba because her life was endangered: she had been working hard to find freedom and escape for people targeted by her brothers for re-education and extermination. She fled to the US from her murderous brothers.


  6. DNW said

    Not too long ago Castro was in the news expressing some relatively benign thoughts concerning Christianity.

    I am sure that if God exists, He will be properly grateful to Mr. Castro for that small consideration, or better, condescension. After all Castro is a “Great Man”. Or so we are assured by Hollywood, and others.

    A few years back I got into an exchange with a European who was passing himself off as a social democrat liberal … though by his comments he was more of a socialist sexual libertine than any kind of democrat or liberal.

    On the issue of gun control, I observed that the lack of firearms possession rights in Cuba, was typical of a populace living under a police state regime, and that Europeans ought to consider what their own legal restrictions implied or might imply for the future in the way of fundamental social assumptions. They already lived under speech code restrictions.

    Then I stepped in it. I said that in the case of Cuba it was telling that a dictator who could be easily beaten to death by any fit high school wrestling team member, marched around in a uniform with sidearm, haranguing a population lacking either the right of free speech or the right to arms (not to mention property, conscience, and numerous other missing rights), concerning the benefits of socialism.

    You might have thought I personally threatened to kill his mother. It was another example of the by now familiar case of a values nihilist proponent of the proposition that life is fundamentally meaningless, becoming deranged over the mere thought of there being one less murderous leftist tyrant in the world.

    You never even suspect what secret emotional investments so-called liberals have in murderous dictators, until you accidentally try them on it. They not only do evil; they unrepentantly love it.

    If anything gets you a passage to a hell, it’s probably that as much as anything else.


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