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Colin Powell fan club proven to be imbeciles

Posted by DNW on 2013/12/10


Do you prefer Obama or Obama lite?

U.S. News and World Report has an article that reminds us of the catastrophe that is likely to ensue when a morally degraded population tries to exorcise certain social demons through political self-flagellation.

Remember all those excitable and emotionally immature Republicans who were big supporters of Colin Powell? Remember experiencing the dizzying feeling that they were driven vastly less by what freedom compatible policies and ideology Powell was known to embrace, than the fact that he served as a blank screen upon which they could project their moral redemption fantasies?

In rather obvious search of someone who could stamp their “I’m not a racist” ticket, they giddily latched onto Powell in a paroxysm of hand flapping wish fulfillment.

If you asked them what his positions were on critical political issues, they couldn’t say. They could not, because he cannily would not. Fortunately for the Republican party, saner heads realized this. Well, more or less, given the fact that an almost equally destructive John McCain somehow became the party’s nominee.

Of course it was not too long before Powell felt drawn to demonstrate where his real allegiances lay; and it was not with freedom. They lay with Obama who he endorsed for president, and with the collectivist social manager class with which he identifies as a part.

Probably should not have been much of a surprise. Not everyone who seeks a career in the U.S. military is a libertarian constitutionalist sacrificing his personal daily liberty in order to guarantee it for the larger political community. Powell’s silence should have been a warning. Just like John Roberts’ should have been. But wish fulfillment Republicans have long been in the habit of assuming that just because people don’t speak up, they are somehow fans of liberty. Kind of strange and actually incoherent a thought if you reflect upon it for a moment: “X is so much a fan of freedom he fears to exercise it personally lest he be deprived of the opportunity of defending it at some future date …”

Yeah, just look how well that assumption has played out …

Now Powell, the closet-leftist-masquerading-as-a-closet-conservative is helpfully advancing the cause of freedom and self-direction by advocating the introduction of an even more comprehensive form of fascistic-leftism, than Obamacare: with what is euphemistically called a “single payer system”.  As we a all know Single Payer is actually a government payer system wherein you get tagged for the medical expenses of the obnoxious through taxes; meaning that even the option of your striking back against a fascist system like ObamaCare through civil disobedience or economic subversion, becomes hardly possible. “A new poll shows 28 percent of uninsured Americans intend to pay a fine rather than enroll in a plan. as required by the Affordable Care Act.

But Powell likes a system with no functional opt out. It worked for him.

” ‘I don’t see why we can’t do what Europe is doing, what Canada is doing, what Korea is doing, what all these other places are doing,” Powell said at the Dec. 5 event. “I am not an expert in health care, or Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, or however you choose to describe it, but I do know this: I have benefited from that kind of universal health care in my 55 years of public life.’ “

I want, you will provide.

I want, you will provide.
















[US News and World Report Image]

He doesn’t see what the problem with fascism is. He likes it in fact.

What moral subspecies of man are these collectivists?

Unconditional, redistributive, no escape social “solidarity”. What worthwhile person would want such a shit life, or demand it of everyone else; and why?

Hell on earth for edified men; emotional paradise for the “last man” … the soulless man of nothingness.

Maybe that explains it.

4 Responses to “Colin Powell fan club proven to be imbeciles”

  1. Brittius said

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  2. beezernoid said

    Great piece. I was in the beginning a dummy that saw Powell as a quiet ( but probably frierce proponent of) conservatism. The military service is what got me, having grown up around servicemen in my family and wrongly assuming all had roughly the same principles. Both McCain and Powell let downs to me in my dip into reality.


  3. Yorkshire said

    In the first Gulf War to free Kuwait, Powell seemed more decisive Joint Chief-of-Staff General than the suck-ups from Viet-Nam. Viet-Nam was just a jockeying for position to get to the top then. Westmoreland was a weasel. What I was hoping to see in Powell was the JCS General, not two faced politician he turned out to be.


  4. DNW said

    If you read the quote I provided above, and then consider, carefully consider, not only what he is admitting to positively [in the sense of wanting] but what he is admitting to negatively [in the sense of his indifferent ignorance] it is astounding that he could have been taken seriously by informed people as presidential material.

    Of course the trick was to keep people uninformed, and to let or even encourage them to project their hopes and expectations on him.

    It turns out that not only is Powell not a principled conservative, but that he is as he admits a profoundly ignorant man when it comes to the very issues he purports to address. The only thing that he knows for sure, is that he likes being taken care of and having others subsidize it. The how, the why, the wherefore, the basis, and the implications for a self-governing people, are just so much tedious detail he seems incapable of arousing any personal interest in.

    The water flows from the tap … somebody provides it, and obviously somebody pays, but I don’t … so what’s the problem?

    This, is what some significant portion of Americans have become? And these brainless sub-moral cases are the same people who see themselves as deserving of your self-sacrificial commitment to their well-being – and INSIST on it?

    We better figure out a way to put a stick in the spokes of this wheel before we are all rolled over.


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